Which Baby Einstein Jumper Should You Get?

Most parents are become a little familiar with Baby Einstein within the first year of their child’s life. Their videos are like catnip for babies. They makes them crazy! My children personally could not get enough of the puppets and they loved watching a compilation puppets video on YouTube. Their products are just as addictive for your children, which is why I am reviewing the Baby Einstein Jumper

This jumper is similar to some of the other ones that I’ve reviewed on this site, but has a couple of key differences. Here are some of my favorite things about the Baby Einstein Jumper


Three Models

To start off, there are actually three main models of jumpers that are produced by Baby Einstein. They are all really awesome, but the most popular by far is Neptune’s Ocean Discovery. I will highlight each model below, but for the majority of this post I’ll be referring to the Neptune’s Ocean model, just to keep things a bit more simple. 

So here are the different models: 

Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

Though all the Baby Einstein jumper models look very high quality, this particular model is the most popular. All the models are amazing in their own way and really highlight the interests of the parents. 

You can see the Neptune’s Ocean Jumper in the video below: 


Disconnecting Toy

The electronic sea turtle station can disconnect from the jumper. This is mostly so that your baby can enjoy this toy even when he or she has outgrown the jumper. Or if you just want to take it on the go with you, your kid will have a familiar toy to play with even when they can’t have their jumper. 


I love that Baby Einstein is so obviously focused on learning with their baby toys. In the Neptune’s Ocean Jumper, your baby will have lots of education experiences right at their fingertips. 


One of the things I really like and that seems so simple is the flashcards little soft crinkle book that is connected as a hanging toy. This has different animals on it and that animal’s name in three different languages, English, French, and Spanish. 


Your kid might not be bilingual, but it is fun to teach them a couple of words in different languages and it encourages parents to be involved in the play. Can you just imagine your baby saying “clown fish” in French (poissons de clown)? I cannot get over how adorable that would be. 


What baby doesn’t love a great noisemaker? The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean jumper has a rattle front and center with a spinning crab that your baby will love. They will be curious about all the colorful beads that they can see in the clear barrel. They will be in awe that they can create a noise by turning it. 

Bead Toys and Batting Toys

There are other batting stars and other toys that are connected or dangle from above. All of these will hold your baby’s attention for an extended amount of time. Your baby can move beads up and down different tracks. 

Sea Turtle Station

The sea turtle station is the highlight of the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Jumper. It is removable as mentioned above, which is awesome and feels like you get two toys in one. It also teaches your baby about colors and numbers in 3 different languages. 

Neighborhood Symphony Jumper

The Neighborhood Symphony Jumper is the jumper for you if you are a music lover. This adorable set has all different kinds of musical instrument toys that will introduce your baby into the world of making music. Your baby will familiarize themselves with all kinds of instruments and have a classical soundtrack in the background to jump to. 


You can see this one in the video below:

Take Along Drum Set

Like the sea turtle station, Baby Einstein designed the Neighborhood Symphony Jumper to have a removable musical toy. You can take this drum set on the go and your baby can beat his or her little hands on the drums that react with an electronic simulated sound. Babies love to have toys that respond to them with noise, so this will quickly become a family favorite. 


This drum set also introduces 3 different languages that your baby can hear and practice as he or she gets older. 

Teething Toys

I love teething toys. They have a dear place in my heart because my babies become gnawing monsters when they have teeth coming in. I’ve tried lots of things, the frozen fruit teethers, the amber necklaces, you name it. But what my kids love most of all are the slightly pliable plastic toys that they can just chew away on. The Neighborhood Symphony jumper has one of these plastic trumpets hanging down and I can just see that becoming a favorite real fast. 

Spinning Piano

This piano rotates and your baby can watch the keys go by as music plays. 

Guitar Rattle

Again, babies love noise. They love to be the one who makes the noise. So whenever there is an opportunity to rattle something, your baby is all over it. 

Mirror Tamborine

One of my absolute favorite kinds of baby toys are toys that have mirrors on them. I love watching babies watch themselves, interact, and even give kisses to themselves. It is so entertaining and causes you to be introspective at the same time. 

Journey of Discovery Jumper

The last, but certainly not least jumper, is the Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper. This one was specially made for travel enthusiasts around the world. It highlights different languages and animals from various continents. 

Removable Globe

The removable toy on the Journey of Discovery Jumper is a precious little globe that speaks in three different languages naming instruments  and plays music. This toy is fun and so educational! Your baby will love to spin it, but it opens up so many conversations that you can have when your baby turns into a toddler. You can talk about all the different countries and use the flashcards in conjunction with this globe. 


Teaching your child about the world they live in is such an important tool!


Again, this jumper has a little soft booklet of flashcards. These have different animals you can find throughout the world. You are encouraged to interact with your baby as he or she discovers things about animals. 

Mirror Toy

As mentioned before, I love when a mirror is attached to any baby product. I just feel like it extends the amount of time that your baby is interested in a toy by double. Babies from a very, very early age are interested in their own reflection. They can learn about bodies and about themselves as they observe their own movements through the mirror. 

Submarine Rattle 

Again, there is a rattle on this jumper as well and it is just as intriguing if not more than the other noisemaking contraption on the other two jumpers. 

4 Adjustments

One thing that I really like on the Baby Einstein Jumpers is that they have 4 adjustment levels. Most of the jumpers on the market have only 3. 


Babies can use a jumper from the time that they can hold their heads up independently, and preferably can sit supported. Many of these babies are too short for most of the jumpers that you can only adjust to three different adjustments. It’s a fairly easy fix to make it usable. You can stack some carpet samples, large books, or even a thick blanket under your baby’s feet for them to be able to push off effectively, but it’s always just better to have your baby fully supported. 


With the 4 different adjustments, your baby will be able to use the jumper for earlier and later than they normally would, expanding the window of use. It is also great for parents who have babies who aren’t necessarily at an average height for their age and development. 


This adjustment technique is also much easier than other jumper adjustments. Instead of having to pull a tab through a device, you can just unhook and rehook each side. It’s the most simple design I have seen yet. 

Familiar Faces

Another thing that I love about Baby Einstein is that their toys are consistent with the toys they use on their little shows. They have all the same characters that they use on their shows highlighted in the toys on the jumper and in the fabric of the seat covers. Babies may not be interested in characters like Elmo or Mickey Mouse quite yet, but babies of a very young age are total fan girls and boys of all the toys that are in the Baby Einstein movies. 


It’s fun to have a familiar face to play with. 


The character faces aren’t the only thing that will be a familiar presence in the Baby Einstein Jumper; the classical music is all the same as well. There is a specific sound that the Baby Einstein company produces. It’s all classical music but your baby will recognize it right away when they hear it if they are used the Baby Einstein videos. 


Plus, classical music is just more fun than the other sounds and music that sometime accompany baby toys. At least you can tell yourself that your baby is getting smarter and more cultured listening to it. 

Rotating Seat

Another must have when you are buying a jumper like the one that Baby Einstein produced is a 360 degree swivel seat. All the toys around the rim of the Baby Einstein jumper are so fun and educational, it would be sin for your child to miss out on any of them because they are just out of reach. 


Of course, the Baby Einstein jumper does have a swivel seat and your baby will be able to view all his or her favorite toys. 


Another great thing about the swivel seat is that it teaches your baby just one more thing about how to use their body. Babies learn new skills easier when they are motivated, and what is more motivating that a toy? Especially a toy that makes sounds. You baby will learn to manipulate his or her body to move and turn in ways that he or she probably hasn’t had to experiment with yet at this point. 


Your baby will develop leg muscles but he or she will also develop trunk muscles while spinning in the swivel chair. 

Spring Covers

I always appreciate when a company will so obviously make an effort to make safety a priority, especially when it comes to baby products. The Baby Einstein jumper, like the Fisher Price Jumperoo that I wrote about here, has covers over the springs. Your baby would have a difficult time reaching the springs anyway, but just in case, they have them covered to protect your baby’s little fingers from being pinched. 


It is just as much a safety hazard for your baby in the jumper as it is for older siblings or other people who may mindlessly grip onto the springs while your baby is using the jumper. No one likes to be pinched in a spring, and the covers make that virtually impossible. 


Many parents, especially ones who are frequently on the go, want to know if this is a portable baby product. The Baby Einstein jumper is not technically portable, but it is fairly easy to break down and put back up. The three legs do not fold in or fold down, but they need to be taken out of their leg holes. Then you can put them right back in in a matter of minutes. 


Is it as easy as the Pop n’ Jump? Absolutely not. Is it doable? Sure. 

Batteries Required

Some parents will be a bit turned off by any baby product of this size that requires batteries. They might have had a bad experience with batter run swings. Those things drain really fast! That is not the case with the Baby Einstein jumper. Of course, with frequent use, the batteries will run low and possibly even need to be replaced, however this takes a very long time. In fact, when my first baby used a jumper, we used that thing for hours each day and I never had to replace the batteries. 


Swings drain batteries quickly because they have to run the motor that moves the swing. This device is completely controlled by your baby, but the music is the only thing that depend on the batteries. 

Easy Cleaning

If you’ve read any of my past reviews, you will know that easy cleaning is the name of the game when it comes to baby products. Don’t even tell me about a baby product that cannot be submerged in water. 


Babies are cute, but they are so darn dirty! They poop and pee and spit up everywhere for at least the first year of their lives! Which is the entirety of the time they would spend in the jumper. So I’m sure there will be at least one time where your baby will have a blow out or spit up everywhere (especially if they jump right after feeding) and you will thank your lucky stars that you can throw the entire seat of the Baby Einstein jumper right in the washer. 

The toys are no less easy to clean. You simply need a damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces. If you want to use a cleanser, make sure it’s safe for use on surfaces that are going to be put in your baby’s mouth. A good rule for washing baby toys is to use some warm water and dish soap. 


Overall, the Baby Einstein jumper is one of my favorites on my list of jumpers that I reviewed. It has some really great quality toys that are more than just fun to look at, but very educational. These toys are more than good at helping your baby develop fine and gross motor skills, but they are actually great talking points as well with your baby. It can be difficult to find things to say to your baby throughout the day but studies show that your baby can understand far more than they can communicate and speaking to them regularly will encourage early communication. These toys can be a great jumping off point for parents to explain the pictures that they see or the animals and instruments that they hear. 


Beyond the toys, the design is good and the product is made of good quality materials. It is easy to keep clean and it is interesting to look at and listen to, even from a parent’s perspective. As far as jumpers go, it sits up there among the top.