TURNMEON Baby Tent With Pool Review

Have you ever gone to the beach with your family, looking for a fun day with everyone, but baby just hated the waves and the sand? I was thrilled when I saw the TURNMEON Baby Beach Tent with Pool, because it makes lousy beach days a problem of the past. This product allows you to have a fun day at the beach with your family while also keeping your baby entertained and safe the whole time. There are other features that I love about it though, so read on!

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When it comes to summer safety, I have two concerns, drowning and sun protection. While water safety comes down to being super vigilant caregivers, this pool offers a little bit more sun protection than most of the pools I’ve reviewed. 

Although the Intex Mushroom Pool and the Poolmaster Go Bananas pool have a small shade that is a great size for the pool, this pool has a bit more all-around sun protection. The other pools might have limited shade on the actual pool depending on the direction that the sun is coming from, where the TURNMEON baby beach tent pool has a more enclosed space that provides shade during all hours of the day. 

This is ideal for beach days when it is more than likely that you won’t be able to find a shady spot on the beach. 

Inclosed Side

The shade is more substantial in the TURNMEON Baby Beach Tent with Pool because three of the sides are completely enclosed, leaving one open for viewing. This is a really great setup for a few reasons. 


This offers more shade than the other kiddie pools, as mentioned above.

Sand Protection

Have you ever been to the beach on a really windy day? You probably have if you’ve been to the beach at all, since they are notoriously windy. So you might be familiar with the feeling of sand pelting you in the face. If you live any substantial distance from the beach, this can be a huge disappointment since you had to spend all that time traveling just to find out that your day could be pretty miserable. Luckily, at least one member of your family can be protected by the wind and sand if you have the TURNMEON baby beach tent. This can block the wind and sand on 3 of its 4 sides and as long as you point it in the direction where the wind isn’t blowing, you can still have a pretty great day. 

Corralling Your Baby

The 3 sided tent is a great way to keep tabs on your baby especially when he or she is more mobile. You just have to keep your eye on the one exit, and you’re golden. It can be especially nerve-wracking to be at a public, busy place like the beach with your baby when they are more mobile. It only takes seconds of rubbing sunblock on another child or chasing a seagull from your lunch for your baby to wander off, so having the three enclosed sides really helps to keep them in. 

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Small Pool

Some of the other kiddie pools that I’ve reviewed are a bit deeper than the TURNMEON baby beach tent with pool, and this is actually a neat feature in my opinion. The shallow pool of the TURNMEON beach tent is perfect for just one baby, which is likely all you will be having in there at once. Your baby can feel the textures of the water and sand as they mix together in the little pool at their feet with very little risk on their part. It is true that you can potentially drown in 3 inches of water, however, those instances are very rare and your child will be extremely safe in a very shallow pool of water. 

Another great thing about having a small pool is that it takes very little time and effort to fill up. Since you will likely be using water from a nearby ocean or lake, you will appreciate having fewer buckets to fill and empty into the pool. It will also take little to no time for the water to warm up–especially if your baby has a full bladder if you know what I mean. 


All the other features of this TURNMEON baby beach tent with pool are awesome, but by far my favorite feature is that it is portable. All the baby pools are fairly easy to tote around and blow up, but this one is even easier. It comes with a carrying case and it is super lightweight. 

What’s better is that you don’t have to even put your mouth on the pool to make it into a pool, which is amazing considering that you will be using it with salt water and sand. 


So since this pool isn’t an inflatable one like the others that I’ve reviewed on this site, how do you set it up? 

The TURNMEON baby beach tent with pool is a bit different in that you fill a loose curve of plastic up with water. You will want to dig a slight curve into the sand to allow the water to pool and not spill out right away. Then the sides of the tent pop up similarly to a camping tent. To prevent it from falling over, you can connect it to posts and beat them into the ground. 

The tent also has a little roll-up blind in the back that you can leave down during windy days or roll up for better viewing when it’s calm. 

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The TURNMEON baby beach tent with pool is unlike any of the other pools I’ve reviewed on this site because it serves a different purpose. This pool is easily portable to take with you on a beach day. The other kiddie pools are more of the destination of the day. This pool is easy to use, lightweight and doesn’t require inflating. It is a great option for keeping your little one happy at the beach since sometimes it can be a difficult place for babies to enjoy.