SwimWays Baby Spring Float With Activity Center Review

If you are looking for a great way to introduce your baby to the water, the SwimWays Baby Spring Float is the way to do it. It is a safe and fun way to get your child excited about playing in the water. When children are young it seems as though the day is filled with several stations that you move between. The trick is to try and make each station last as long as possible, and the SwimWays Baby Spring Float with the activity center will keep your baby entertained in the water for the longest possible time. Here are some of my favorite features of this baby float!

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Wide Base

Safety is key when it comes to any kind of flotation device for babies. I mentioned in my review of the SwimSchool Baby Boat that baby floats can be a little nerve-wracking. Depending on how they are designed, babies can possibly flip them if they reach over the side to splash in the pool. Obviously, babies will want to splash in the water, so this is a major design flaw. 

No Flip Design

Just like the SwimSchool Baby Boat, the SwimWays Baby Spring Float is essentially impossible for a baby to flip over on their own. It is designed in such a way that the base is much too wide for a baby to even reach over and splash outside the water easily. 

There are two inflatable rings with a mesh net connecting the two. Two rings allow the floaty to stay up better in the water even with the weight of a 24-month-old child. This design makes it possible to have thinner rings instead of high-sided inflatables that are easy to flip. 

The mesh allows water to pass through so babies won’t feel the need to reach over the outer ring to splash in the water. They will have a layer of water to play with right at their fingertips. This is a great way to get babies excited about playing in the water safely. 


Not everyone has a pool in their backyard and this is the perfect floaty for the parents who are on the go to pools or beaches. The SwimWays Baby Spring Float can be inflated and deflated quickly, in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t take a lot of lung capacity to fill these two rings up and it can fold down neatly into a small pouch. 

This product comes with a carrying case, which is very convenient to keep it from getting unfolded and disorganized. It also makes it possible to keep your other belongings dry and separated after a day at the pool. 

Fabric Lining

Some baby floaties are completely vinyl plastic, which is fine, but it can be uncomfortable on baby skin. The seams in plastic can be a bit sharp or irritating and baby skin is much more sensitive than mature skin. After a day at the pool, your child may have quite a raw spot on their thighs or under their armpits if they used a plastic floaty. 

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float remedies this issue by completely covering all the inflatable surfaces with fabric. This allows the rings to be connected to the mesh lining between the two rings and it also gives your baby a comfortable seat to stay in for hours without chaffing. 

Sun Protection

Most parents are very concerned about keeping their children safe from sun rays. According to pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner, “A sunburn never really causes a third-degree burn or scarring, but you really don’t even want the second-degree burns. Because the more sunburns you have, especially as a child, increases your risk of skin cancer in the damaged area….the damage that causes skin cancer in adults starts in childhood.”

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float is made for babies from 9 months to 24 months and that is in the age range where they can safely wear sunscreen, but even sunscreen doesn’t always do the trick. It is best to be as covered as possible when it comes to babies and their skin. They haven’t developed the amount of melanin in their skin that they will get as they are older, so though children rarely get skin cancer, the damage their skin experiences can cause cancer later on. 

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float has an adjustable canopy that is similar to the SwimSchool Baby Boat. It is normally attached, but if the sun is angled higher in the sky, then you can adjust the angle of the canopy by releasing the fabric tabs with snaps on the sides. Or you can remove it entirely. The main difference between the SwimWays Baby Spring Float and the Swim School Baby Boat is that the baby boat has a dial instead of the tabs. 


The SwimWays Baby Spring Float has a built-in canopy similar to the SwimSchool Baby Boat. However, there is a bit of a difference in how it’s connected. The SwimWays Baby Spring Float can be removed as well, but it connects with fabric and snaps, where the Swimways Baby Spring Float has more of an adjustable dial that lets you position the canopy where you want.

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Activity Center

One great feature about the SwimWays Baby Spring Float that is different than the rest is that it has an activity center that you can attach to it or remove at your leisure. Many babies will be stimulated enough by just being in the water because it is a different experience and there’s always a lot to observe in the pool or at the beach. However, if you are a parent who frequently takes your baby into the water, they might start to look for entertainment in other areas. This is why the activity center is so awesome in this floaty. It offers your child just a little something extra. It is especially useful when you have more than one child to look after and you want to keep your baby as happy as possible for as long as possible. 

If you want to get a good look at all the toys, check out this video below: 


The toys in the activity center are all things that babies would find very interesting. They are: 

Inflatable Octopus

I don’t know about you, but my kids love anything with a face. Your child can turn the octopus around 360 degrees and it has a cute, friendly face that your baby will love to interact with. 

Soft Star

Babies love textures and the soft start is a great texture to explore. 

Stackable Rings

As your child gets a bit older, they will enjoy stacking rings while working on fine motor skills.  

Fish Toy 

This fish toy is interesting and squishy! Your little one will love to feel the different textures and explore it with their hands, eyes, and mouth. 

Squeaker Fish

The squeaker fish is one of the best toys on the SwimWays Baby Spring Float. It has an interesting shape and bumps sticking out of it. Your baby will love exploring it and learning about cause and effect with the squeaking function. 

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The SwimWays Baby Spring Float checks all the boxes for the best baby swim floaty on the market. It has a fun toy center that will keep your baby entertained in the pool if they start to get a bit bored. It has a wide base that will prevent it from flipping and it is easy to tote around. SwimWays shows that they care about protecting your baby’s skin by having an easily adjustable sun canopy. This baby float is one I would definitely recommend to any parent.