SwimSchool Baby Boat Review

It is important for babies to not get overheated. And if you don’t want to be stuck inside during the hot summer months, this means doing some water-related activities. Most babies love to splash around in the water as long as they feel safe and secure. However, the water does present a bit of a threat to babies and it is natural for parents to be wary of how they spend their time in the water and with what kinds of floaties. Fortunately, there are a lot of different baby pool floaties to choose from, like the SwimSchool Baby Boat. Here are some of my favorite features of this very popular pool float. 

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It may surprise you that the SwimSchool Baby Boat can handle an age range of 6 to 24 months. That is surprising since the child nearly doubles in weight during this period of time. 

You might wonder if this float is too loose during the early months or too tight in the late months, but it actually can adjust in the seat according to your child’s height. This is a really awesome feature because babies are not typically rough on their pool floats and they should last for more than just one summer season. It’s convenient to get as much use out of it as possible. 

Sun Protection

There is a very long list of things that most parents are passionate about, and one of these things is sun protection. Fortunately, the SwimSchool baby Boat comes with a little sun canopy to protect your baby from the sun and to also shade their eyes from the brightness. 

No matter how fair or dark your baby’s skin is at birth, sunburns can happen to anyone, and especially to little children who have not developed the full amount of melanin in their skin yet. It is not recommended for babies under 6 months to use sunscreen on their skin yet, but this doesn’t mean that you should confine yourself indoors. It is very healthy to introduce your child to nature and fun family activities. However, having a sun canopy to give you a bit more protection and peace of mind helps you to enjoy the activity better. 

Adjustable Canopy

Another great thing about the canopy is that it is adjustable and removable. If you are in a shady spot or the sun isn’t too glaring, you have the option to just leave the canopy off entirely. Depending on where the sun is in the sky, you might want to have a bit more or less of the sky obstructed from your child’s view. This canopy allows you to be just as flexible as you want to be. 

Comfort Level

Baby floats of my generation were not as nice as they are now. I remember very faint flashes of my own baby floaty as a child and it wasn’t very pleasant. The seat straps between my legs were flexible plastic and they rubbed uncomfortably. The leg holes were difficult to get in and out of, which can make your baby irritable and unhappy in the water. 

In the SwimSchool Baby Boat, this is not an issue at all. The floaty is entirely encased in a flexible fabric that won’t irritate baby skin. The leg holes are large enough that even if they were an irritating material, they wouldn’t rub against your baby’s thigh skin. This is a floaty that babies will be excited to get into. 

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The water can make any parent nervous, and floatation devices are supposed to make a parent’s nerves at ease. Unfortunately, there are some floaties that can pose just a different kind of danger. I have personally bought some baby floaties that can tip over easily in the water because there wasn’t a wide enough base to withstand my child reaching into the water to splash. 

The SwimSchool Baby Boat does not have this problem and is completely safe. This floaty has an inner ring with another larger outer ring, which makes flipping over virtually impossible. The base is so wide that: 

  1. Your baby won’t be able to tip the floaty over.
  2. Your baby will likely not be able to even reach out enough to splash in the water outside the outer ring. 

Safety is, of course, the number one priority for parents and this floaty knocks it out of the park.

Inner Ring

As mentioned above, with other floaties, my children would reach out and nearly tip over when they wanted to splash in the pool. The inner and outer ring design with the mesh liner between means that there is a small layer of water that is the perfect amount for babies to splash in. you can see in this video below that babies can cool off in the pool and still play with the scoop toys in a safe place.  


Of course, after safety, one of my favorite features is how convenient and portable it is. Most of the time people have baby floaties for when they are on the go. Unless you have a pool at your home, you will likely want to tote your floaty around with you. And whether you’re going to a beach or a pool, the amount of things you bring with you adds up quickly. It is nice to be able to have a floaty that you can take with you and it won’t add a lot of weight or bulkiness to your bag. 

You can deflate and inflate the SwimSchool Baby Boat in mere seconds and it folds down very small. 

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Overall, the SwimSchool Baby Boat is a floaty that is convenient, safe, and fun for your baby to spend hours in. You will love it because it is easily portable and it offers sun protection and your child will love it because they will feel safe and secure in the wide base. They will also love that they can play in the water without having to reach their arms over a huge plastic blow-up side.