Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center Review

What is better than a baby jumper that entertains your baby for long periods of time? A portable baby jumper, such as the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center. If there is one thing I really value in a baby product, it is convenience and this jumper has that without sacrificing any of the important other features. 

Removable Seat

Along with convenience, I care about easy cleaning. The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center is sure to get dirty, especially if you take it with you on the go. The seat is easily removable and you can machine wash it without having to remove any extra padding. 

Easy Set Up

When it comes to setting the jumper up, nothing could be easier. The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center comes with accordion style legs that fold up similarly to a camping chair. You can fold them up and fold them back down just as easily as you would a chair. 

You will not need any extra tools at all and the Summer Pop ‘n Jump comes assembled and ready to use. 


As mentioned earlier, the Summer Pop ‘n Jump is very portable. It is can be folded up and down easily and it is very lightweight. In fact, the whole thing is less than a pound. You can take it from room to room, pack it with you for a flight if you have a long layover, bring it in your trunk, take it on a hike, the options are virtually endless. But the point is, you can bring it wherever you go. If you are going somewhere for an extended amount of time, you might as well take it with you. 

Carry Bag

Another thing that makes this baby product easy to tote around is an actual canvas bag to bring it in. You don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or messed up in your trunk. You don’t have to worry about one of the toys falling off and getting lost. The whole thing, including the hood can fit into the carry bag. This carry bag also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. 


The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center comes with three toys that don’t disconnect. They are: 

  1. Spinner Ball
  2. Rattle
  3. Teether
  4. Mirror Book

Each of these toys teaches your baby something new, or they will appreciate them for different periods of their growth. The ball will fascinate them even after playing with it time and again. The rattle will teach your baby about cause and effect. They will be in awe that they can cause a sound by making purposeful movements. The teether is a lifesaver when your baby is teething, cranky, and you’re on the go. The mirror book shows your baby the world that they do not see–themselves. All babies are captivated by mirrors when they look into them because they see another baby doing the same things they are doing. It is a pretty awesome concept for a baby. 

All of these toys are easy to clean, and will not fall off of the unit, so there is no reason to worry about them becoming detached. 

You can view these toys in the merchant video below: 

Sun Cover

Most parents are very concerned about protecting their baby’s skin. But they don’t want to sit in a cave all day either. When sunscreen is just not enough, the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center makes it easy to still be on the go with your baby. 

The Sun cover offers UV protection for your baby, so even if shade is not available where you are going, you can still know that your baby is protected from the sun’s rays. 

According to, Infants are particularly susceptible to it because their skin is so thin and delicate.” They also go on to explain that the best ways to avoid sunburn are to: 

  1. Limit exposure
  2. Wear Sunscreen
  3. Choose wardrobe wisely
  4. Make your own shade

Of course you don’t want to keep your baby inside all the time. They learn so much from being out in nature and it is really the perfect amount of stimulation for them to have. Babies love to observe the changing world around them, especially outside because things are changing all the time. So if staying inside isn’t an option, the next best thing is to dress your baby appropriately and to make your own shade with the sun cover. 

This cover connects at the ends with snaps and it collapses down to fit into the carry bag. Some people have complained that they cannot fit it in the bag, so make sure to read the instructions for how to get it into the bag the correct way. 

Foot Mat

I love that the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center comes with a floor mat. You can use the Jolly Jumper outside as well, at least the one with the stand. However, there is nothing for your baby to stand on other than what is outside. Of course, you can easily put down a blanket or something, but it is convenient that the Summer Pop ‘n Jump comes with an easily washable and stain resistant mat to jump on. No parent likes to see their beautifully clean baby jumping around in the dirt. 

Can Your Baby Jump In It? 

Some people look at the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center and wonder if their baby can actually even jump in it. It looks like the jumping mechanism is just the stretchiness of the fabric. However, on closer inspection, you would see that the jumper has springs on the corners of each support. They are just covered with fabric, which I appreciate, since no one wants their baby’s fingers getting pinched. 

Your baby can absolutely jump in this jumper and I would even say that they can jump just as well as most other typical jumpers. 

When To Use It

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center can be used by 6 month olds to 12 month olds. Basically if your baby is old enough to sit up on his or her own but not able to walk independently, this is a great product for them. Babies love to be able to bounce up and down. They will find any surface to support them–many times they will just find a parent to support them while they jump continuously. It is so convenient to have a baby product where they can do that to their heart’s content, for up to about 6 months of their lives. 

Is It Adjustable? 

It’s interesting, because other jumpers are fairly obvious with how you can adjust the height of the jumper. This one is not so obvious, but it does have a 3 different height adjustment. Your baby can truly enjoy it as they grow. The base is what moves up and down on the jumper so that your baby’s feet are supported. 

The best height for your baby is when he or she is standing on the balls of his or her feet. 

Can It Replace Other Jumpers? 

A lot of people wonder if they need to have a more permanent jumper in their home and only use this one on the go. Can this replace the need for any other jumper? 

I would say that this jumper is just as good as any other jumper and it definitely serves that purpose. You can use this jumper on a daily basis and it will still be durable and wear well. 

The one downside I would have about this jumper is that it doesn’t have a swivel seat and it doesn’t have the amount of toys that other jumpers have. It might not keep your baby’s attention as long as a different jumper would, just because it lacks the swivel feature and the toy selection. 

The toys that come with this jumper are interesting and you definitely can give your baby other toys to look at while they are in this jumper, but it still might not hold your baby’s attention for long. One thing I will say, is that if you are using it regularly outside, that is quite enough stimulation for your baby without the plethora of toys that the other jumpers may have. 


Overall, the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center is a great option. It might not be the best option for every single parent out there, but I would say that it is the absolute best option for the parent who likes to be on the go. Just imagine all the siblings soccer games you could bring it to, hikes, beach days, park trips, or just in the backyard for a barbeque. For any active parent, this could be the baby product that you end up loving the very most.