Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey Swimming Pool

Are you running out of ideas about how to entertain your baby in the hot summer months? It is a hard balance to keep when you are thinking about your child’s comfort and safety while the weather is sunny, but the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool offers a fun and safe activity for your child. Here are some of the great features of this kiddie pool. 

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Padded Bottom

Has your child entered the stage where they constantly pull themselves to standing and then sit down hard on their bum? Honestly, it hurts me just to think about it, but this is a stage that many babies go through when they are learning to stand and walk. It is totally normal and your baby doesn’t even get that hurt because they have ample padding and it’s not a very far distance down. 

However, it is nice to know that your child will not get hurt when he or she does this in the pool because of the extra padding on the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool. The bottom is inflatable like the sides of the pool and offers a pretty thick cushion of air that will keep your child safe and comfortable as they paddle around in the pool. 

Even if they aren’t quite to the standing and sitting stage, they will still be more comfortable sitting for long periods of time in this inflatable pool. 


One thing I love about a kiddie pool is shade. The Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool, like the Intex Mushroom Baby Pool that I reviewed here, has a built-in shade to go over the pool where your baby sits. If you are someone who is lucky enough to have some good shade trees in your yard, this might not be an amazing feature, but many people don’t have this option, and it is great to be able to offer your little one a little bit of shade from the glaring sun. 

UV Ray Protection

The shade does a little bit more than just giving your child a more comfortable temperature to play in. It also serves as protection from the sun. UV rays can be very detrimental to our skin and especially for babies. Babies do not have the melanin that they need in their skin to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can lead to cancer, and there are indicators that even cancer developed later in life can be a result of harmful UV rays absorbed in childhood. 

Even if your child isn’t getting a sunburn, they can still be harmed from the sun, so please protect your child with ample shade and sunscreen when appropriate. Look for our reviews of baby sunscreen coming soon! 


I just love when companies put a little extra thought into the design of the product, especially when it comes to babies. Babies love to have toys no matter what situation they are in. They will likely enjoy a pool for a while by itself, but they will last much longer in the pool if they have toys to play with. Of course, you can bring out any of the bath toys that you have at home, but the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool comes with an inflatable toy monkey that squeaks when you squeeze it. 

What more could a baby want? 

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Easy Water Release

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to wooing parents, and I love that the Poolmaster Go Bananas swimming pool has an easy water release valve on the bottom. Inflatable pools are a lot of fun and they are so easy to use, but it can be difficult to dump out and clean afterward. You can, of course, just dump the pool out, but they can be heavy and it can be difficult to tip over and empty by yourself, especially if you are watching a child in addition to cleaning it out. 

If you can open a valve on the bottom of the pool, then you don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting. 


The size of the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool is very similar to both the baby pools that I have reviewed on this site thus far (the Intex Mushroom swimming pool and the Intex Sunset Glow). This pool is 42 x 23 inches, which is the perfect size for a single child from 8 months to 3 years to play in. If you wanted a pool for multiple children or older children a larger size might work best. 

Learning To Swim?

Poolmaster has been around since the 50s and has a lot of experience under their belt of making products that will help babies and children swim. They have the ABCs of swimming products which are broken down into three groups: 

A: Preswimmer–getting comfortable

B: Beginner–building confidence

C: Intermediate–developing skills

You can see many of the products that go with the different skill levels in the video below

The Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool is in the A group of pre swimming gear. At this stage, it can be difficult to teach your child to swim, but getting them comfortable in the water is an important step to giving them the necessary skills to be confident swimmers. 

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Ultimately, the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool is a great, fun option for children between the ages of 8 months and 3 years. These are the years that children should be encouraged to love water in the proper, safe conditions. This is a product that will get your child excited about water and developing their skills in the next level with life jackets that I will be reviewing soon on this site! Learning to swim may be in your child’s near future, but the Poolmaster swimming pool is a great option for some backyard fun.