Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float

Have you ever had a pool float and it popped within weeks of buying it? That is one of the most frustrating things about pool inflatables; you never know when they are going to pop, you only know that eventually, they will. What if you’re on vacation or you drove hours to the lake and there are not great options for backups near you? Getting stuck without a baby float means that you will be carrying your baby all day, and when you have multiple kids, this can be quite the challenge. Enter Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float. This baby float eliminates all the problems I just mentioned. Find out more about this great float below! 

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As I mentioned above, the Mambobaby float is a non-inflatable float, which really sets it apart from most of the other baby floats on the market. Most other floats have some kind of inflatable ring. Both of these options have pros and cons, but I am a bit more partial to the non-inflatable float and you’ll see why. 


The biggest reason that the non-inflatable float is great is that it will never pop on you. I think we have all been there, especially when we were kids, where we’re having an amazing time at the pool or at the lake and your pool float pops. The deflating of the tube echos in the deflating of our joy for the day. Who needs it? 

Without the popping problem, you will always know that you can count on a great day at the water–at least for the baby of the family. They will always have the support that they need and you will be able to play around with them hands-free, which is a big deal for a new parent. 

Instead of a pool floaty lasting for one summer or one month out of one summer, this pool float should last through your child’s whole babyhood, and through all your children’s babyhoods for that matter. It’s a great staple for grandma’s house or you can count on being able to sell it used after your child has grown out of it. 

Don’t Have to Blow It Up

Have you seen how many blow-up hacks there are online? People use pumps, hairdryers, and shop vacs to blow up their pool floats and air mattresses. Obviously, most people can agree that they hate to blow up floats. 

So this is another great reason to invest in the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float! You never have to worry about scrambling to blow up the float while simultaneously putting sunscreen on everyone and making sure that no babies run into the pool. Check this item off your list, put sunscreen on in the car, and you will avoid a chaotic mess when you get to the pool. 


Some people will complain that the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float loses points in portability because it doesn’t deflate down. The Mambobaby is much larger than typical floats because it doesn’t deflate, but it still is fairly easy to tote around. You can’t fit it into a purse and someone will have to carry it, but it weighs less than a pound and a half and you can attach it to a stroller handle or stow it underneath if you are lacking the arm space. 

So yes, it is not as portable as the other ones I’ve reviewed here, but it’s not impossible to bring around either. In fact, it even has a carry bag included that will make it slightly easier to carry around. 

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It’s difficult to tell from the pictures what the materials are like, so I’ll explain them here. 

The very innermost layer of the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float is a pearl foam. This isn’t like stiff styrofoam and it’s not quite like an inner layer of a seat cushion. This foam is made from tiny bead-like pieces of foam to make a sturdy, yet not a hard surface. It also traps air inside making it a great option for floatation. 

Around the pearl, foam is a waterproof surface that completely encapsulates it. This protects the foam from getting water in it, which could lead to it not floating correctly or producing mildew. 

The final layer that will come into contact with your baby’s skin is “friendly” leather. It has the feel of leather, but it is just a synthetic product. It is smooth and soft for your baby’s skin and won’t cause any irritations. 

Skin Irritants

One thing I love about the friendly leather and how the floatation device is manufactured is that there are not any sharp seams. Sometimes with floatation devices, there is a bit of a seam where the two vinyl plastics are melted together. This can rub against your baby’s skin and irritate it. However, the seams in the Mambobaby are all down flat and the fabric feels great. 

Sun Protection

Like many of the baby floatation devices that I’ve reviewed on this site, the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float comes with a canopy that is graded at 50+ SPF. This canopy is a great addition and will make you feel at ease with your baby in the sunshine. 

Some parents don’t like to use sunscreen on their children until they are a little bit older, and many pediatricians say not to use it until 6 months. So until you’re comfortable using sunscreen, the canopy and a great hat will protect your baby from the sun’s rays. 


Like the LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float that I reviewed here, your baby can enjoy two different positions in the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float. They can lay on their stomach for breaststroke and use their hands to paddle around in the water. Or they can lay on their backs for backstroke and kick in the water. 

This allows your baby to get used to the water in positions that they will actually be in while learning to swim. Many other floats have your baby positioned sitting upright. Though this might not hinder your baby’s ability to swim in the future, it won’t set them up to be comfortable in the way that you actually do swim. 

The two swimming positions also give your baby a little bit of variety. In their younger months, your baby may have a hard time keeping his or her head up and it might be uncomfortable to be on their tummy for a long period of time. The backstroke position will be perfect for this. And when your baby is a little more active, they will appreciate the breaststroke option. 

You can view the different positions in the video below!


Safety is always important to parents and the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float is designed similarly to the LAYCOL and the Free Swimming Baby Float in that it is nearly impossible for your baby to be able to flip it over. It has a very wide base and the Mambobaby includes a tail that you can connect on the back so that your baby will be unable to flip it backward. 

Though the Mambobaby float is not intended to be used without a parent present, you can feel as safe as possible playing with your baby in the pool hands-free. 

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Ultimately, the Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Float is the highest quality baby floatation device that I’ve reviewed on this site. It by far is the most sturdy and it should last you for years of children. It is very safe and very comfortable for your baby to play in for hours on end. You know it will never pop and even if you cannot compress it down, you can easily carry it around with you wherever you go.