Magicteam Sound Machine Review

You would think that babies, who need so much sleep, would naturally know how to soothe themselves to sleep on their own. But getting your baby to settle down and sleep–especially for long periods of time can be a huge challenge. This is especially true if you live with other people in your home who might make disturbing background noises. Enter the Magicteam Sound Machine. This white noise machine will distract your baby from some of the more obvious noises in the background and help them go to sleep and stay asleep. 

Here are some features of the Magicteam Sound Machine. 

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There are some noise machines out there (like the Letsfit White Noise Machine that I just reviewed here!) that have a really great design. These will look good in any space that you put them in. And there are ones like the Magicteam Sound Machine that might not completely match your decor, but it is so small and minimal that you will barely even notice it. The dimensions are about 2.5 inches on each side and it is slightly bigger than a ring box. 

So although the Magicteam has fewer style options than some other noise machines out there, it is still amazing how small and minimal the design is. 

Another thing that I love about this is that it has little rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t slide all over your desk or table. A really thoughtful design feature. 


The more convenient a product, the better I love it, and the Magicteam Sound Machine is super convenient. I’m the type of person who prefers to have my baby sleep in their own bed for naps and bedtimes, just because I can usually get a longer nap out of my kids that way. However, real-life doesn’t always allow for that. But it is so convenient to have a white noise machine that is portable and will help you mimic your child’s safe space as much as possible. 

This white noise machine can be unplugged and taken with you wherever you go. This is such an important feature because there have been times while on vacation where the only place I could let my baby sleep was a closet and there were no outlets in there. 

Portable white noise machines are helpful in tons of situations. If you are going on vacation, or just taking a ride in the car and you want your baby to settle down easier. Even if you’re at an older sibling’s dance lesson or soccer game, the noise machine can slip easily into your baby’s car seat and help them feel relaxed and sleeping. 

There is even a notch on one of the corners where you can attach a lanyard or some other sort of tie and hook it onto your child’s stroller, a doorknob, etc. 

Time Limits

One nice feature of the Magicteam Sound Machine is that it has a lot of options as far as time options go. You can set this machine to play for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours of play. You can tell how many hours you are setting it for by how many lights are on underneath the buttons. One light indicates one hour each. You also have the option of playing continuously. This is indicated when you press the time button and all the lights shut off, and the noise is still playing. 


The Magicteam Sound Machine comes with a memory so it will stay on your favorite sound and volume setting until you change it. This is so helpful when you don’t want to have to scroll through the sounds and you just want to be able to put your baby to bed quickly. 

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Minimal Lights

Now, lights on a sound machine is a feature that some people love and some people don’t. The Magicteam Sound Machine happens to not have very many lights on the device. This helps it to blend into its surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb. The only lights on it indicate how many hours it will play for. 


Other sound machines will come with nightlights that parents appreciate if they are using it in a nursery. So whatever your flavor, there is a white noise machine that will fit the bill. 


One thing that people commonly mentioned were how loud the buttons were. This can be convenient if you are someone who likes to know that pushing a button is actually registering. However, when it comes to parents–which if you’re here you likely are looking for a sound machine for your baby–it might be a little annoying. 

You will need to remember to adjust the noise machine before you put your baby into bed, if your baby is the kind of baby that startles easily. If the noise machine is on already, this might not be a huge deal, because it could mask the sound. But this is just something to be aware of. 

Ease Of Use

The buttons on the Magicteam are very easy to use. There are more of them and they are more obvious than the Letsfit Sound Machine that I just reviewed here. The buttons are: 

  • On/Off and Time
  • Volume +/-
  • Track Forward/Back

These buttons are pretty self-explanatory, and the only one that is a little tricky is the time options button. Once you try it, it’s easy to catch on, but I did explain it a little earlier in this post where the lights below the buttons indicate how many hours it will play for.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Macigteam Sound Machine is really excellent and surprisingly so, based on how big the device is. There are virtually no underlying tones under the sound, which can be a very annoying thing in sound machines. 


This white noise machine comes with 20 different sounds. It says that they are non-looping sounds, so you won’t start to get distracted anticipating the loop in the sound. Here are the sounds. 

  • White Noise
  • Brown Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Blue Noise
  • 2 Rain
  • Rain On Glass
  • 4 Fan
  • 3 Brook
  • 3 Ocean
  • Bird Sounds
  • Bonfire
  • Train

I will say that I am a super picky person when it comes to the sound quality of noise machines. I am super impressed with the sound quality that the Magicteam sound machine has. There are so many sound machines that don’t have a good fan sound–they end up sounding too fake–but this one sounds like the real deal.

If you read my review of the Letsfit Sound Machine that you might remember that I mentioned the ocean sound was more of paddling in a canoe sound, but this one definitely sounds like ocean waves crashing.

I love all the variety that this sound machine has and that there is a noise that every person will enjoy. 

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Overall, the Magicteam Sound Machine is one of my favorite sound machines based on the quality of the sound and its convenience. I love that you can keep it plugged in or you can take it along with you. You can even charge it from your computer. It is so compact and lightweight that I would feel completely comfortable setting it in my child’s car seat even and taking it with us on the go. I love the variety of sounds and the volume options. It is so small but packs an enormous punch. You can have the sound barely a whisper or you can make it uncomfortably loud if you want to.