Letsfit White Noise Machine With Nightlight Review

I’ll admit, when I was a first-time mom, I was one of the stereotypical ones who shushed everyone who was in the house when my baby was taking a nap. I hated anyone who rang the doorbell and growled under my breath as the school kids screamed and played outside my baby’s window. My baby was pretty easy to put to sleep, but it was also very easy to startle him awake. I don’t know why I didn’t use a noise machine like the Letsfit White Noise Machine earlier. It would have been a lifesaver! Here are all the great things I learned about this machine. 

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Different looks

Whenever there is a product that is going to be visible in any space in my home, I appreciate if it can blend well with my decor. This is why I love minimalist designs in baby products that are commonly used. 

I mention this in some of my reviews of products like the: 

All of these have sophisticated designs that aren’t too overwhelming to your interior. 

The Letsfit White Noise Machine also has a sophisticated, sleek design that comes in four different variants. There is: 

  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • Wood Grain

This noise machine will likely be on a shelf or dresser of your baby’s nursery for the first few months, if not the first few years of your child’s life, so it makes sense to buy one that you like the look of. I love that each one of the designs is modern and sophisticated. 


Sometimes your baby just needs to have the sounds to lull them to sleep, but that doesn’t mean they need it all night long. It is nice to have the option of turning the sound machine off automatically after a few hours. This will also help your baby ease into soothing themselves back to sleep without the sound machine. 

Night Light

One feature of the Letsfit White Noise Machine is the night light. I really had to work on my sneaking around skills as a parent, and sometimes you have to get in and out of your baby’s room without waking them. It is so convenient to have a nightlight in there. So if you don’t already have one, this is an awesome feature. It is also nice for when you have nighttime feedings. You can change and feed your baby without waking them too much out of their nighttime rem cycles if you can keep the soft light on. 


Power Source

If I could change one thing about the Letsfit White Noise Machine, it would be the power source. This does not have a rechargeable battery inside it, which is fine because it will primarily stay in your baby’s nursery. However, it would be convenient if you could bring it with you in the car or camping. There have been many times when I have gone on vacation with family and the only place to put the pack and play is in a closet somewhere that has no power source. 

One of the hardest things about being a new parent is getting used to having a schedule where you can’t go out as much. If you can bring your sound machine with you places, there are so many more options available to you. Your baby can nap in the car seat or in a room to the side while you visit with friends. Whatever makes going out easier for a new parent is a win in my book, and the Letsfit White Noise Machine could be a bit more easily portable if it had a rechargeable power source that could be unplugged for several hours at a time. 

And Letsfit does have portable sound machine options that you can see in the video below, so it’s odd that they didn’t design this one to be portable. 

Instead, it has a power cord that is a couple of feet long–long enough to reach a plug from a nightstand. 


I have a love/hate relationship with any minimalist, sleek tech product design. Because although it looks so awesome in your home, minimal buttons mean there are either minimal options or that the options are a bit confusing. The Letsfit White Noise machine has quite a few different options, so it is in the “bit confusing” camp. I explain below. 

No On/Off button

Some people are confused when they initially try to use the Letsfit White Noise Machine because they cannot find the on/off button. This is because the speaker grill on the top of the machine acts as an on/off button as well as the button for the nightlight. If you press and hold it down it will turn off and on. If you tap it lightly, the nightlight will turn on and off.

This might seem like it isn’t very user-friendly, but once you have that figured out it works great and it minimizes the number of buttons you have on the actual machine. This allows the noise machine to be sleeker than other noise machines without removing any extra options.  

Minimal Buttons

The Letsfit White Noise Machine only has three obvious buttons on it. There is a button with a plus sign, one with a minus sign, and one with the letter “T” on it. These buttons have multiple uses, which allows the device to have a minimal design but it can be a bit confusing if you haven’t read the manual. 

Plus/ Minus

The obvious function of the plus and minus buttons would be for volume control. You have to press and hold the buttons down to turn the volume up and down though. If you simply press the buttons then it will switch from one sound to another. 

As mentioned, this allows the device to have fewer buttons and a more sleek design, and it is easy to use once you have the hang of it, but it can be a bit annoying in a couple of different ways. 

One way is that increasing and decreasing volume can take a little bit longer than you might want. If you could press the button quickly several times to increase and decrease volume, it would be much quicker.  

Another reason it can be a bit annoying is you will have to explain how to use it with anyone who watches your child. It is not self-explanatory so you will have to show any babysitters or grandparents how to use it. 

T Button

The “T” button stands for time. You can have this noise machine on for different amounts of time; 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, or indefinitely. If you do not select a time, then it will automatically play all night long. 

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Sound Quality

Most babies aren’t too picky when it comes to noise machines, however, if you are planning on using this in your home for an extended amount of time or you want to use it for yourself, you might be curious about what the sound quality is actually like. Here are the actual noises that this noise machine makes. 

Nature Sounds

There are a few nature sounds in this white noise machine. I go into detail with a couple that I didn’t like very much below, but there are also good ones. The ones I like are crickets, singing birds, and water streams. 


The thunderstorm noise sounds pretty realistic, but there is one minor problem that I have with this setting. There is no plain rain sound, only rain with thunder. The thunder can be a bit disruptive, so I personally would prefer to have plain rain, but this might not bother other people. 


This sound is not very realistic for ocean sound. It sounds more like people paddling in a bathtub or possibly like someone rowing a boat. It doesn’t sound like waves at all. 

3 Lullabies

The lullabies are pretty standard for baby noise machines. The loops are seamless and they repeat after a little over a minute. The lullabies are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, and Rock a By Baby.


White, Brown, Pink Noise

Most people have heard of white noise before, but have you ever heard of pink and brown noise? These are noises I actually appreciate because I can find white noise a bit irritating to listen to. Everyone hears slightly differently from each other, so one noise that someone hates could be another noise that someone else depends on to lull themselves to sleep. 

So here’s a breakdown of what each of these noises is specifically. 

White Noise

White noise is made up of a wide spectrum of frequencies. It sounds like the noise you hear when you are tuning between two radio stations. It sounds like static. This is very helpful for people who have trouble falling asleep because sounds like snoring or other odd noises in the night will startle them awake.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is another kind of white noise but it is deeper on the noise spectrum. The higher frequency noises are muted and the deeper ones are more emphasized. I personally have always found normal white noise to be a bit high-pitched and annoying to listen to, but pink noise is actually quite nice. 

Brown Noise

Brown noise is even deeper than pink noise. Some say that it resembles a river rushing or wind blowing. It has even fewer high-frequency noises than the pink noise and sounds denser. 

Household Noises

The Letsfit White Noise Machine also comes with three different household noises. These are a fan and two clothes dryer options. These three are all authentic-sounding noises, but I do like it when a noise machine has an actual fan in it. 


One thing that tends to annoy people who need to sleep with a noise machine is when the sound loops and it is overly obvious. Most of the sound settings do have a loop on this machine. They are about a minute or slightly more in length, but they are not obvious at all because there is no gap in the sound. This means there is no pause between the end and the beginning of the song or noise. The transition is seamless, which will help you or your baby sleep without interruption. 

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Overall, the Letsfit White Noise Machine is a really good quality sound machine, especially for babies. The lullabies and the night light make it a perfect addition to your child’s room. I love the sleek design and the different options that are available. The sound quality is good and you cannot distinguish the loop gap in the sounds. My only beef with this particular noise machine is that the buttons are not completely self-explanatory and the water noises could have been a bit more authentic.