Is The Femometer Forehead Thermometer Worth Buying?

A baby thermometer is one of those tools that you don’t need until you do. It just so happens when the “stuff” really hits the fan, usually, it’s in the middle of the night and no pharmacies are open, or it’s when you’re on vacation. One thermometer that I really like and can be used for babies is the Femometer Forehead Thermometer. So what sets this thermometer apart from other baby thermometers? Find out below!

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The Femometer Forehead Thermometer is a contactless thermometer. This means that it works with an infrared laser that will detect what temperature your temporal artery in your forehead. This is very handy when you are a parent because babies typically hate having their temperature taken. It can be a huge ordeal, so it’s nice when you can take a temperature without it being a traumatic experience for both baby and parent.


According to the AAP, rectal thermometers are the absolute most accurate thermometers out there for a child under 3 years old. Other thermometers can be off by a bit, but they are still mostly accurate. As long as you don’t need a reading that is accurate to a tenth of a degree, then the infrared thermometers should work just fine. 

Just make sure to take the reading within about an inch from the center of the forehead. Try to take readings on clean, sweat-free skin and push hair out of the way. 

Great Display

The Femometer Forehead thermometer is one of my favorites because all the information is so easy to see. Some thermometers have an itty bitty display that is hard to see, first of all, and when you can see it, sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re actually looking at. This display is large and has a lot of information on it. It doesn’t have a lot of acronyms on it, so you don’t have to translate much. In fact, a large portion of the information is represented in symbols that are easy to understand. 

Here’s a bit more information about what you can find on the display: 


I mentioned in some of my other thermometer reviews (the iHealth No Touch Thermometer, the Frida Baby Rectal Thermometer, and the Frida Baby 3 in 1 Thermometer) that a backlit thermometer is an absolute must. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, fevers happen at the worst possible time, almost consistently. And this is usually in the middle of the night. One of the most frustrating things is to try and take your baby’s temperature and for them to wake up because you had to shine a light on it to read it. This thermometer is backlit, and you won’t have to do this ever again. 


The Femometer is color-coded, which is amazing for parents like me who sometimes forget the difference between a low fever and a high fever. When should you be worried about a fever? Are fevers the same intensity for babies as they are for adults? All the guesswork goes out of the equation when you have color-coded results. 

  • When the thermometer reads green, your baby is in a normal range. 
  • When it is orange, your baby has a low fever. This is between 99.1 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • When it is red, your baby has a high fever. This is anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Babies have fevers very frequently in the first two years of life. This is because their body’s immune system has a lot to deal with. They have never had any germs before, so every little germ gets a reaction. They also have teeth coming in, which will usually develop a fever as well. Most of these fevers aren’t a big deal. However, if you have given your baby fever-reducing medication like ibuprofen or Tylenol and their fever remains in the red, your pediatrician will definitely want to know about it. 


Did you know that according to the National Eye Institute, 1 in 12 men have some form of color blindness? That is is 8 percent of the population! It affects women as well but at much lower numbers. So why do I bring this up? Because Femometer had the forethought to realize that the color-coded feature can be awesome for some people, but there is a whole portion of the population that doesn’t benefit from it. 

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So to make the thermometer just as convenient for color blind people as for color abled people, they included a smiley face symbol and a frowny face symbol. These will appear for each reading and will tell you if your baby has a fever or not. 

There is also a symbol to indicate whether you are using this in the object mode or forehead mode, which is helpful for everyone.


Another thing that is very important in a thermometer is how long it will take. Even though this is a contactless thermometer, it can still be a trick to read your baby’s temperature if they are awake and active. The Femometer forehead thermometer can get readings in three seconds, according to Femometer

Memory Mode

I love the memory feature that some thermometers have now. When you’re low on sleep, which most parents are when their baby is sick, it can be hard to remember details like the temperature reading that your child had a 3 am. However, those days are in the past, because now you can store up to 10 past temperature readings. 

It does one better than that, actually. It will even record the date and time that you took the temperature along with the mode that it was in, whether object or forehead. 

You can access this mode by pressing the power button for three seconds. Then you can move through the past 10 temperatures by pressing the power button. 

Object Mode

Object mode is a very handy tool that this thermometer has as well. In fact, I might use that more than I would the forehead temperature side. I always wonder if my child’s food is at the right temperature or if their room is too hot or too cold. I can’t always trust how my body reacts to the temperatures because babies can be so sensitive. With the Femometer forehead thermometer, you can check all these things to make sure your baby is ingesting things at the right temperature, is warm enough at night, and is in a safe temperature bath. 

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The way to access the object mode is to press the object/ forehead button and make sure that the object is selected. Just make sure to check what mode you’re in before you take your baby’s temperature. 


The Femometer Forehead Thermometer is a great option for a baby thermometer. An infrared thermometer is not always going to be as accurate as a rectal thermometer. However, what it lacks in the minimal accuracy misses, it makes up for in the convenience. It has several great features like a large screen and a dummy-proof fever indicator. It stores up to 10 past temperatures. It is also useful for checking food, baths, and your home’s temperature throughout the day. In fact, this might become one of your favorite baby products.