Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool Review

As the summer months start to get closer, many new parents are wondering what fun things they can do with their baby. Options can be limited when your child is very young, but a baby pool like the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool is convenient, safe, and fun that your child can enjoy in your very own backyard. Here are the features I love about this baby pool. 

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If parents know one thing, it is that baby products can quickly completely take over your home. There are so many things that babies use and grow out of quickly and it’s always a debate whether to keep an item for the next child or to sell it and get it out of your home. 

The nice thing about the Sunset Glow baby pool is that you can store it in a very small space and take it out when you want to use it. It can fold down into about a shoebox-size for storage. When it is blown up fully, it is 34 inches in diameter and can hold up to 18 gallons. 

This is a perfect size for your little one to splash and play in without you having to worry too much about water safety. You can even dip your feet in! 

The size may be a bit smaller than other kiddie pools, but it is perfect for a child from ages 1 to 3. All they need in a pool is room to splash, and this pool fits the bill. Another thing that is nice about a small pool is that the water will warm up relatively quickly and won’t be so shocking when your child goes in. 


The design of this pool may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Your child will love the sunset-inspired colors of this pool. It will be a bright, cheery spot in your yard that your child will be drawn to. 

Soft Bottom

I have had baby pools in the past that have inflatable sides, but the bottom doesn’t inflate. You might not think much about that, but it is so nice to have an inflatable bottom for your baby to land on when they sit. At this young age, falling is pretty commonplace and it can really hurt without some extra padding. 

This is also an excellent option for people who don’t have a grass yard. Even just sitting on a concrete pad or gravel would be painful for a child after a while. If you have gravel or blacktop, I would recommend putting a tarp or other protective material down before you set your pool up, just to prevent it from puncturing holes in the bottom. 

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Have you ever had a pool toy or inflatable baby pool that you had to throw away at the end of the season because it had a hole in it? Holes happen frequently with any kind of blow-up pool, but just because it’s expected doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating. I love the thoughtfulness that went into the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool because Intex included a small patch kit with the pool.

This company really knows pools, because they have many different models, like the one you can see in the video below: 

This just shows the consumers that they are aware that these things happen and that they care about the buyer’s experience. 

Winter Options

You might be hesitant to buy a baby product that you will only use for a couple of months out of the year, but there are winter options as well when the world gets a little bit colder! Here are some fun ideas of how to use your pool in the colder months. 

Sensory Beads

Have you heard of sensory beads? They are so fun to play with, you won’t be able to resist squishing them yourself when your child is playing with them. They are beads that absorb water, similar to the crystals you would find in a diaper. Just like with playdough and sand, this offers your child a new sensory experience that is so important in their development. You can find these beads online here


Do you remember ball pits from your own childhood? They are becoming less and less popular in play places. Mostly because you never know what is in those things, but they were so fun! It would be a shame for your child to never experience the joy of swimming in these plastic balls–and you can create the experience in your own home. You can find these balls online here

Obstacle Course

Your child is constantly learning through play. One major milestone that your toddler needs to develop is lifting one foot higher than the other to step over something. This can be a bit of a challenge for a little kid, but creating a little obstacle course using this baby pool can be just the right ticket for your child to learn this skill while having fun!

Drive-In Movie

You know how I mentioned that the bottom of this pool is inflatable? Well, this opens up lots of other possibilities for inside play. One that I thought of is a fun drive-in movie. You can make snacks and bring out blankets and pillows and everyone can have their own space. Kids love to imagine and “play restaurant” so this is a memory they will cherish forever and ask to relive again and again. 

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Overall, the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool is a perfect, simple baby pool that your child will adore. It is convenient and portable. You can store it easily and it doesn’t require a lot of space in your yard or your home. Your child’s summer can be full of fun memories around this pool toy, especially if you wrangle up a few bath toys to bing out. And with the included patch kit and the super affordable price, you can’t go wrong! This is a great way to introduce your baby to water play in a safe and supervised environment.