Intex Snapset Pool Review

Have you been shopping around for a kiddie pool but been disappointed that there are so many options where you can’t also get in and splash around? Well, the Intex Snapset Pool remedies this and allows parents to be more than just a bystander and actually join in the fun! There is a reason why the Intex Snapset pools are highly rated online, and it is because they are easy, fun, and affordable. Here are some of the big details about this little pool. 

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First of all, the Intex Snapset Pools are 8 feet in diameter. This is much bigger than any of the other pools that I reviewed on this site, but it is still a great option for little kids.

This pool can hold up to 56 gallons of water and about 18 inches of depth. Though you obviously won’t be able to work on your diving skills, you can submerge most of your body all at once if you want an overall cooldown. It is nice to have the option of getting into a pool with your child when they are learning to paddle around. Who says kids should have all the fun? This pool is the perfect size for siblings to join in the fun and parents too. 


The setting up process is relatively easy compared to a lot of inflatable kiddie pools, though it is helpful to have a second person to help you fill it up. Most other pools are inflatable with air and require some pretty intense lung capacity or an air mattress pump to get to its optimal inflation. This pool is easier because it rolls down tightly and you only need to unroll it, flatten it out, and fill it with water. 

How To Fill

The first few inches of water are the hardest to get into the pool because the sides remain pretty limp until about 3 to 4 inches of water depth. At these early stages, you will need to hold up the sides with a friend to keep the water from spilling out. If you don’t have someone to help you, it is a bit more challenging to fill the pool, though still possible. Instead of another person, you can use some pool noodles or other toys to prop up the sides a couple of inches. Once the first few inches are in, stop the water and flatten it out to remove any wrinkles. Now you can fill the rest of the way. 

Take Down

It couldn’t be easier to take the Intex Snapset pool down. All you have to do to empty the pool is to push one of the sides inward so the water can spill out. Once the water is at a low level where isn’t flowing out as easily and you can lift it, you can pull it over and empty it out completely. 


To avoid getting any mold or mildew growth on the pool while in storage, set it out to dry in the sun before rolling it up. If there is any excess water after that, then wipe it down with towels. It may be difficult to remove all pieces of grass, but those shouldn’t cause problems while in storage. Grass will typically just die and dry out. It will be easy to brush off next season when you get it out again. 

Can You Fit It In The Box?

Many people wonder if they can fit the pool back into the original packaging, and similar to other folded products like sheets or air mattresses, it’s a real trick to try and get it back into the original box.

In fact, I wouldn’t even try. Instead, I would recommend getting a storage bin or tube from any grocery store near you to put it in. This way it is protected from the elements, not messy, and you don’t have to worry about folding it just right to get in the box. 

As long as you aren’t too rough with the product, it should last you for years, so storing it in a safe and uncluttered space is key. 

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As mentioned above, the Intex Snapset Pools should last you for years under normal conditions. The vinyl is durable and the package actually comes with a repair patch in case of a snag or hole that might pop up from rough use. 

One thing that I appreciate about this kind of pool as opposed to the inflatable ones is that it doesn’t seem to pop as easily. If an inflatable pool pops, it doesn’t take long to deflate and ruin the whole experience. However, there is nothing to inflate in this pool and the real places to look for are for rocks under the pool itself. Other than that, holes can be difficult to make in this pool with regular use. 


Though I wouldn’t fill it completely full with children who aren’t competent standers and walkers, you can use this pool for a wide range of ages. In fact, many people will buy this pool without even having kids because it is such a fun and convenient option for adults to use in the summer. 

But according to the manufacturer, this pool is for people of all ages from 3 years and up. You could use flotation devices with babies younger than this as you would in a regular pool or you could of course hold your children like you would in a regular pool. However, for a child to be independent in the pool without being held or supported, they should be about three years old. And in these circumstances, parents should always be nearby. 

Even if your child is a competent stander or even a competent swimmer, a parent should always be watching while in any kind of water. 

Can You Keep It Up?

Though you might not find a lot of information about keeping the Intex Snapset pools up throughout the summer months, you can do it. However, it is important to do it in a safe way. If you want to keep your pool set up for months or even just weeks on end, then you will want to invest in a mini chlorine floater. You can find these in any pool supply store since you can use them for hot tubs. You only need a small tab at a time. This combined with a sprinkling of baking soda from time to time will keep the water at a healthy pH that won’t promote algae growth. 


If you’ve never had one of these pools you might wonder why you would want to keep it up when it is so easy to set up and takedown. While it is true that set up is easy, it still takes quite a bit of water to fill up, and if you’ve never run through sprinklers before–hose water can be very cold. It’s just so convenient to already have it set up in your yard for everyday use. It is also really convenient to keep it warm by leaving it in the sun from one day to the next. 

Though you will need to maintain it by skimming leaves and other things out and adding chemicals every now and again, it is much easier than emptying and refilling every day. There are even many people who leave water in for days on end and they claim that the water stays crystal clear even without chemicals. Though if you have kids, you might want some kind of chemical cleaner to keep things fresh. 

Where To Put It

The big challenge might be to find the perfect place for the pool. You will want to find a spot that doesn’t have a lot of sharp rocks or a rough surface. If all you have is a concrete or asphalt pad, then consider putting down some kind of tarp first to give it an extra layer of protection. 

If you have great grass, just remember that it will make a dead spot in your yard if you leave it for too long. You may want to move it every few days or put it on a barren spot in the yard. 

Sunshine will keep the pool nice and warm, but the shade is always a great option for little kids especially. So if you can find a place where you can get both, then that is a great option! Many people like to put these pools on a deck where they can relax and watch their kids play. 

Though this isn’t the exact pool, you can imagine how nice it would be to have a cool pool in a sunny spot in the yard.

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Ultimately, the Intex Snapset Pool is very different from the other kiddie pools that I’ve reviewed on this site–which makes it a specific answer to a specific need. This pool is big enough that the whole family can enjoy it and cool off from time to time. You can keep it up for longer periods of time and keep the water safe and bacteria-free. The setup and takedown of this product are easy and it really is an excellent option for parents who want something simple and manageable in their yard.