Intex Mushroom Baby Pool Review

In the hot summer months, it can be hard to find a fun and safe activity for your baby to enjoy. Going to community pools can be nerve-wracking and going to a beach can be even worse. When your child is in that age where they have little to no inhibitions and they don’t understand the dangers around them, every situation around water can be a bit scary. But fortunately, the Intex Mushroom baby pool is a great option that parents can feel safe about. Here are some of my favorite features of the mushroom baby pool. 

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The Intex Mushroom baby pool is very small, similarly to the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool that I wrote a review of here. It is about the same width 40×35 inches, but it is much more shallow than that pool. This pool will hold 12 gallons of water while the Intex sunset glow pool will hold 18. So although it has about the same area of space for sitting and playing, you can feel a little safer knowing that you won’t fill the pool too high. 

It is also nice to have the pool a little more shallow for babies because lifting legs is a very difficult skill to learn. Babies need to develop the coordination necessary to lift a leg over the side of the pool and over, which is much easier to do in the Intex Mushroom pool than the Sunset Glow pool. 


It is very important to protect your baby from the sun. According to

“There is strong evidence that sun exposure and sunburns during childhood multiply the risk of one day developing skin cancer, including melanoma….The skin of all infants (not just those who have fair skin) is particularly vulnerable to sun damage. This is partly because they haven’t yet developed all the melanin — the natural skin pigment that provides some sun protection — that they will have when they get older.” 

When babies are very young, they don’t have as much melanin in their skin that they do when they are older, so it is important to keep them protected, especially in the first few years. 

However, sunscreen can be difficult for babies to have on their sensitive skin. The best way to avoid sun damage is to keep your baby in the shade as much as possible. This is why the Intex Mushroom baby pool is such a great design. It offers a shade that gives your baby an extra layer of protection from the sun. 


Where the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool is simple, the Intex Mushroom baby pool has a bit more design aspect to it. Instead of just having a ring of a pool with different colors, the Mushroom offers a mushroom shade along with a blow-up mushroom object that your baby can play with and hold on to while paddling in the pool. They can bite at it or hit it or use it to help themselves to get up to standing. The design is cute and colorful. 

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Inflatable Bottom

Like the Intext Sunset Glow baby pool, the Intex Mushroom baby pool has an inflatable bottom. This means that if your baby were to trip and fall like they frequently do, they would have a soft landing. It is also comfortable padding for your baby to just sit on. Many times baby pools will come with a thin layer of plastic on the bottom and it can be very uncomfortable for babies to sit on them for long periods of time. It also can be painful if there were to be a pinecone or a rock underneath it. 

The inflatable bottom provides an extra cushion for your baby to stay comfortable for longer, which will keep them happier for longer in the pool. 

Extra Patch

Intex is a company that makes lots of different pools. They come in many different designs. You can see one here in the video below. 

Most of their vinyl pools will come with an extra patch in case of a tear or a puncture. 

Avoid Punctures

Even though the pools are made out of quality materials, any kind of inflatable pool is vulnerable to these kinds of punctures. If you want to avoid these kinds of punctures and to extend the life of your product, you can do some of these things: 

  • Always put a tarp down before laying your pool on the ground. 
  • Make sure to check the ground for sharp objects or rocks and clear them out before setting them down. 
  • Put your pool away after each use. This will keep it clean and also keep it from becoming worn away from the sun’s rays when not in use. 

Is It Safe? 

When it comes to water, most parents are a little wary. So is the Intex Mushroom Baby Pool safe for your baby to use? It absolutely is when used in the correct way. 


Babies should never be left alone while using a baby pool. Even though the pool is meant for babies from 1 to 3 years old, water presents an element of danger for babies. Though an accident is very uncommon, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. You don’t have to be right next to your baby to hold him or her up since your child should be old enough to sit up and even stand on their own in this pool, but you should be there with your eyes on them constantly just in case. 

Water Depth

The Intex Mushroom baby pool only holds 5 inches of water, which means that your baby will be able to sit in it and the water will reach to about their belly button. You might not think that your child could possibly drown in this amount of water. But according to Kids Health, “They can drown in less than 2 inches (6 centimeters) of water. That means drowning can happen in a sink, toilet bowl, fountains, buckets, inflatable pools, or small bodies of standing water around your home, such as ditches filled with rainwater.”

How can a child drown in 2 inches of water? Most of these accidents occur through babies tripping and falling into a body of water. These accidents can still happen in a small pool, and it is important to keep an eye on your baby at all times. 

How To Keep It Clean

Inflatable pools should not keep water in them for an extended amount of time, which is why these pools don’t need to have chemicals poured into them regularly. Here are some tips for keeping the pool clean: 

  • Empty the pool each day.
  • Use a safe cleanser and wipe dry. 
  • Deflate the pool and put it away. 
  • If you want to have the water warmed by the sun, you can fill the pool in the morning and let it warm up with the sun, but don’t leave it to stand overnight. 

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Overall, the Intex Mushroom baby pool is a really great option for a fun baby activity during the summertime. You baby will love the opportunity to be out in the sunshine, even though they are in the shade. They will be protected by the sun and be able to play safely in a small pool while being supervised by a parent. This pool has a fun design that a child will love to play with for hours and hours all summer long. And if you’re lucky, your baby just might move over enough to let you dip your feet in from time to time.