Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Review

Everyone is a little biased, no matter how hard they try not to be. Now, I’m not saying that I’m all decked out in Graco gear, but I am always amazed at how they do such a great job of having the necessary features at a great price. It’s hard to want to buy anything else when you see Graco delivering all the features that you want in a product. The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller is no different and is one of my absolute favorite strollers that I’m reviewing. 

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The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller does an impressive job of compacting down nice and tight so you can put it into almost any trunk space. This is a very important feature to most parents who do not have a large van or truck to tote their stroller around in. So if you are one of those first-time parents who still have a small car, this might be the stroller for you. 

It normally compacts down very small but can be even smaller when you remove trays, etc. 

Take Down

The set down and takedown of this stroller is very easy. In fact, Graco boasts that you can do it with only one hand. 


Many strollers on the market, whether jogger or standard, have a reclining feature. It’s just so handy that most parents would assume that a stroller would have this. The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller really delivers in this area as well. 

Bassinet Option

This stroller reclines so far down that it turns into a completely different stroller. You can use this stroller as a normal toddler stroller, or you can recline it completely flat where you can use it with an infant as a bassinet stroller. This is a fabulous option for parents who want to have their infant in a stroller without having them constantly in a car seat.
You may wonder why a parent would prefer a bassinet stroller to a car seat clicking into it. (Graco does have both options available). One of the reasons parents prefer the bassinet option is that it gives their infant a break from laying at an incline in their car seat, and instead has them laying flat on their back, which is a better position for them. 


If you had the chance to read my latest review about the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, then you’ll know how passionate I am about storage areas, trays, and cupholders. The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller really delivers in this area. I am always happy when a stroller has cupholders and trays for both the parent and the child. 

In all honesty, the lack of cupholders and trays was the main disappointment in my other review of the Chicco Liteway Stroller

The Graco Modes Click Connect has a separate tray for both child and parent and both have two cupholders each. They have a small flat space in the middle, which is a great spot to store your phone or keys. 

Another thing I like about the parent tray is that it has a closable tray. This way if you hit a bump in the road or move away from your stroller for a moment, you are less likely to lose your things. 


Another thing that I love about the front tray is that it is completely removable. You can take it out entirely if you don’t want to use it, and there are some positions that you can use the stroller in where it just isn’t needed. This also makes it easier to compact down even more than normal. 


The trays are an exciting feature of a stroller and a storage basket is absolutely essential. When you are a new parent, you quickly learn how much gear a baby needs at all times. You cannot leave the house without diapers, wipes, formula and bottles if not breastfeeding, an extra change of clothes for blowouts, blankets, burp cloths, toys, snacks, and more! Every small outing feels like an expedition. 

And for all these extra things, you need some extra space. But when you’re a new parent, everything also seems so heavy. You constantly have a growing baby attached to you. You have to bring along all their gear, and a car seat is not the easiest thing to heft around. Even your body feels heavy with your postpartum body. The last thing you need is a heavy diaper bag to carry around on your walk. 

This is why storage space is so important, and the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller has ample storage space to get you where you need to go without having to hold on to anything extra. Even when the stroller is reclined all the way down, you can still get a good amount of storage space. So plan the picnic or the trip to the zoo, your stroller’s got your back. 

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Travel System

Though there are a lot of really great features of the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller, the most impressive one is how versatile it is. It has three different modes that can actually be used in different positions (forward and rear-facing). In all, Graco claims 10 distinct ways to use your stroller. However, some of these are very similar to each other, so there are basically 3 different modes you will likely be using your stroller in. 

You can see how to do some of these below in the video: 


Mode 1

The first mode is for use with the car seat. In this mode, you remove the seat of the stroller so that there is just the frame, storage basket, and parent tray left. Once you have the stroller down to the bare bones, you can use any Graco car seat along with this stroller to lock it into the brackets on the bottom. Graco suggests the Snugride Click Connect Car Seat. 

This method is ideal for infants who are too small to hold their heads up in the stroller. You can transfer your child from the car to the stroller without having to unbuckle or adjust them in any way. Your child can go from car to stroller without even waking up, which is a parent’s dream. 

You can point your child forward-facing so they can see the scenery as it goes by, or rear-facing so you can interact with your baby as they ride. 

You can also connect your car seat into the stroller with the typical stroller seat attached. The car seat just clicks into the tray instead of the brackets on the stroller frame. 

Mode 2

The second mode is the infant bassinet. You can achieve this option by using the stroller seat and reclining it all the way down flat. Then you can adjust the footrest to come all the way up so that you can have a completely enclosed space. Again, this can be rear or forward-facing. 

Mode 3

The last mode is the toddler mode. Your child can enjoy riding in this stroller until they reach 50 pounds. You can easily remove both the tray and the armrests for comfort or for an easy way for your child to get in and out independently. Again, in this mode, your child can be rear or forward-facing, though most toddlers prefer to see out in front!

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Even though the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller isn’t a jogging stroller, did you know that you can use it at faster speeds? The front wheels are easy to maneuver most of the time because they can swivel. However, you are also able to lock these wheels if you want to for added stability. 


So maybe if you don’t necessarily want to go for an all-out run, but you have a nice smooth surface to walk on, you could pick up the pace a little bit. The stroller would be able to handle a faster pace because it wouldn’t be constantly swerving all over the path. 

It is important to note that even though the wheels lock, they don’t have all the other benefits of a jogging stroller. They are not very big and they are not inflatable. The jogging strollers have inflatable tires that give your baby a smoother ride. So you can pick up the pace a little bit in the Graco Modes Click Connect, but only under perfect conditions. 


This is a feature that I don’t usually spend much time on, if at all in the stroller industry. And that is because many strollers don’t seem to spend a lot of time on it either. Of course, a majority of strollers have a reclining option, which is all well and good and makes the stroller much more comfortable for your little one. However, the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller takes comfort to the next level. And honestly, the comfort of my child is super important, so I’m glad to give this stroller flying colors in this category. 


I’ve already mentioned that the seat reclines, but more than that, this seat is the most plush I have seen. Most strollers have a suspended material that makes the seat stable and a bit firm. It might not be a big deal to diapered baby bums, but the Graco Modes Click Connect has a nice, thick pad on the bottom of the seat. This just gives your child a little bit of extra cushion and comfort. 


Some sides of strollers on the market can be completely flat. In these strollers, the recline option is very important, otherwise, your child’s head will just flop around. The Graco Modes Click Connect has both the reclining feature and raised sides that give your child more stability if they were to fall asleep. This is especially important for young children who cannot support their heads as well. 


While it is not uncommon to see padded harnesses for car seats, usually strollers don’t get the same loving care and attention. The straps really can be uncomfortable for children, especially if they dig into the creases right at your child’s neck, so I love a harness with a little bit of padding. The Graco Modes Click Connect does just this. 


When it comes to our kids, we always want the safest option. The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller comes with a five-point safety harness. You can use it as a three-point harness when your toddler is a little bit older, but until then, the five-point harness will give them the best safety possible. 

This stroller is also safe because of the locking wheels mentioned earlier that give you more stability when you want to pick up the pace. 

Another safety feature is that this stroller has elevated sides of the stroller seat, which helps your baby keep their head upright when they don’t necessarily have the strength to do it on their own. 

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Ultimately I’m wildly impressed with the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller. I love that it can be used as a travel system and it has several different ways that you can use it. This is truly a stroller that will take your baby comfortably from infanthood to toddler. This stroller will last you several years and it is easy to tote around with you and store. There are different options available that will work for any parent and no matter what point of growth your child is in, you can find a way that will suit them.

This stroller is a bit more rugged than other similar strollers because it has the locking wheel option and you can move at a faster pace. This is especially important for moms who are looking to get rid of the post-baby belly. Wherever you are in your parenting journey, this is a stroller that will take you places.