Graco Glider LX

The Graco Glider LX is one of the best “swings” that the Graco line makes. It is designed to mimic the gentle back and forth motion that you get when you are rocking your baby to sleep in your own nursery glider, and it certainly does the trick. Of all the swings out there, this one is by far the most soothing. 

I cannot recommend the glider highly enough, and here are all the reasons why it is one of my favorite swing options for babies. 

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Safety Features

Of course, I’ll start with the safety features, because parents are interested in safety first and foremost. As long as it ticks all the safety box concerns, then we can talk a little more about all the other great features. 

The Graco Glider LX has all the same safety features that all the Graco swings have and a little bit more. Here are some of the most important ones in more detail: 

5 Point Harness

A 5 point harness is an absolute must when you have a baby in any kind of moving device. It is just too easy for them to get out as they get older or slump over when they are newborns, that the harness is really necessary at any age.

The 5 point harness is easily adjustable and should be adjusted regularly to fit your growing baby. To keep your baby as safe as possible, you will want to adjust the harness similarly to a car seat harness. The straps should hit right above the shoulders and they should be so snug that you shouldn’t fit your fingers in between them and the baby easily. However, there isn’t a chest strap and the buckle fits around the waist. This is perfectly safe for a swing or a glider even though chest straps are very important for vehicle safety.

Harness for Newborns

This harness can be helpful for many different reasons. First, when your baby is a newborn, they have a hard time not slumping over, which can lead to asphyxiation. The 5 point harness with the straps that go along the shoulders will help your newborn from slumping over along with a nearly flat reclining position and a headrest if possible (both features that the Graco Glider LX also has). 

Harness for Infants

In the later stages of life, babies can be more adventurous, though they lack the skills of knowing their limits. If left to their own devices and not strapped in properly, they will find a way to escape. Of course, this would inevitably lead to accidents and possible injury. 

The best way to use the swing is with a watchful eye. Never leave your baby unattended and always use the straps even when it is inconvenient. 

Deep Seat 

Another safety feature that I love is how deep the seat is. Though it is about the same depth as a typically Graco swing, the Graco Glider LX doesn’t move like a typical swing. Since it is a glider, it doesn’t tip forward and back like a swing would. As a result, the baby seems more secure in place. 

Low Position

One of the main selling points of the Graco Glider LX is that it takes up a lot less space than other leading brand’s swings. It not only is much smaller in width and depth, but it isn’t very high off of the ground. It’s low center of gravity puts me much more at ease because it seems as though it is less of a tripping hazard that could hurt both parent and child. 

Also, as a mom of multiple children, I can attest that the safer a product is, the better it is for the entire household. Siblings love to love on babies, and when the baby is in the swing, that can lead to accidents, no matter how vigilant you try to be. When the baby is in the swing and a sibling is happily coloring in the same room, you might not think twice to go grab something out of the oven or grab your phone from the other room, but in that split second when you aren’t looking is when all the chaos happens. It is nice to know that if a sibling went to get the baby out without permission, that the fall would be a very small one. 


When you are a new parent, you learn how quickly your baby can take over your life. It’s not just about not being able to set your own schedule or eat a hot meal, but they also take over the literal footprint of your home. How could a being so small require so much gear? 

One great thing about the Graco Simple Sway Swing is that its design takes up 40% less space than the leading swings on the market. In an age where so many people value minimalism and are trying to simplify their lives, this is the most relatable product on the market.

Not only does it take up little space, but it is also built compactly. This means that unlike many swings, it isn’t built in a tripod like design, where it could be easy to trip right over one of the legs. Instead it is built almost like a box. The seat is set on top of sturdy legs that have a low center of gravity. It is virtually impossible to topple over unless you were specifically trying to do that. 

3 Recline Positions

One nice feature that sets the Graco Glider LX apart from other swings and gliders is that it has three reclining positions. This might not seem like anything amazing, but it is, and here is why. 

Flat Position

When you have a newborn, they should be flat on their back to sleep most of the time. Slumping over, as mentioned before will lead to asphyxiation, so they should be as flat as possible. The Graco Glider will adjust to be nearly flat so that it is the absolute best position for a sleeping newborn. You can put your baby in there without worrying that he or she will slide around. 

Upright Position

When your baby gets older he or she will not be as sleepy as they were when they were newborns. In fact, your baby may rarely sleep in the glider as the months go by, but it still works as an excellent soother and entertainment for them when you need to get some things done around the house. Your baby might want to just sit there with a toy propped up so he or she can see everything that is going on around them. There is a perfect position for whatever stage your baby is in. 

How To Change Positions

Another great thing about the reclining feature is that you can easily push it up or pull it down with one hand. Parents know that this is a function that is vitally important. You often will only have one hand free and babies can be so hard to put to sleep. If you have a baby that you just soothed to sleep and want to put in the swing, but it’s on the wrong reclining position you know you can easily adjust it without waking the baby. 

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Newborn Insert

Of all the Graco swinging products, the seat in the Glider LX is my absolute favorite. There were some complaints about the Duetconnect and the Duetsoothe swings that the baby seat was too big and not secure enough for a newborn. Those swings didn’t have the newborn body support that the Graco Glider LX has. Newborns, since they are kind of floppy, would slide down into terrible positions while they were sleeping. These positions aren’t just uncomfortable looking, but they are also really dangerous. 

Many suggestions online said to create a cozy little head rest and body rest with washcloths or thin blankets, but it is just so much nicer to have a swing that already fits the baby’s body the way it should, especially for new parents who just want to keep their babies safe. 

Insert Benefits

The insert for the Graco Glider LX is made out of super soft material and it extends around all the limbs of the baby to cradle it snugly into the larger seat of the glider. It is fully removable, so as your child grows you can take it out. This removability is also a great feature because it covers the danger zone of blowout territory. So when that happens you can just remove the insert without having to take off the entire glider cover–which can be a real pain. 

Adjustable Toy Bar

Have you ever snuggled your baby to sleep and attempted to lay him or her down, but something happened that ruined it all? It could be that you jostled the baby a little more than you meant to or that you lost your balance as you were putting your baby down. Whatever it is, if you have experienced your baby waking up after trying so hard to put him or her to sleep, you officially have experienced the most frustrating thing in the world. 

I have a love/ hate relationship with toy bars. They can be a lot of fun when the baby is awake. (See my video on the Baby Bjorn Toy Bar here). However, sometimes they can be a real bother when you are trying to put the baby in the actual device. Graco got it right with the toy bar on the Glider LX though. It is completely adjustable, so you can move it out of the way as you are putting your baby down and there won’t be any unforeseen wake ups because the plush toy smacked your baby in the face. 

It’s a great feature because it’s there when you want it and gone when you don’t.  

Power Source

Another great feature about the Graco Glider LX, which is common with most of the Graco swing products is that it has a dual power source. You have the option of using 5 D batteries or you can plug the whole glider in with an adapter. This gives you the freedom to put the glider virtually wherever you want while also having the option of saving money on batteries by finding an outlet. 

There is a vibration setting on the actual seat that is fully run by batteries and not by the wall adapter. The batteries that control the vibrations need to be put in when the cover is off of the seat, so consider this as you are setting up the glider. If you forget, you will need to remove the seat cover to access the batteries. 


The Graco Glider LX is not sold as a “portable” glider, but it actually is not too bad to move around your home. The glider does not collapse down in any way, so it isn’t easy to take in your car somewhere, but it is very lightweight and you can move it around easily.

As aforementioned, this glider is 40% smaller than many other swings on the market and it is actually small enough that you can fit it easily through all standard doors. You can move it around your home with ease and you don’t even have to awkwardly finagle it around the door frame. The width is only 24”, which is incredibly easy to move around with. 

How Noisy?

One of the main complaints of many baby swings on the market is that they make a clicking or even sometimes a squeaking sound when they are running. Though most babies sleep through it just fine, it has driven some parents pretty crazy. 

One nice thing about the Graco Glider LX, which is a huge selling point for me, is that it is virtually soundless. You might hear the whir of the motor, but there is no creaking or squeaking to be heard, unless you have a malfunctioning model. 

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The music on the Graco Glider LX is the same set of 10 songs and 5 nature sounds that are featured on all Graco swing products. Here is a list of all the songs: 

  1. Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Hungarian Rhapsody #2 by Franz Liszt
  3. Pachelbel’s Canon by Johann Pachelbel
  4. Simple Gifts by Joseph Brackett
  5. Brahms Lullaby by Johannes Brahms
  6. Vivaldi Spring by Antonio Vivaldi
  7. Sugar Plum by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  8. Gymnopedie by Erik Satie
  9. Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann
  10. Mozart Sonata 11 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

All of these songs are soothing and will put your baby right to sleep. They honestly will probably put you to sleep as well, which if you are a parent of a baby, take advantage of the naps! 

Some higher end swings and gliders will have the option of an MP3 plug in if you don’t like the music that comes with it, but if you are unhappy with this selection, you can of course use your own music playing device. The nature sounds included are a selection of several different variations of white noise that babies tend to enjoy. You can, of course, mute the sounds altogether and just use your own music or nothing at all. 


A feature that the Glider LX has that many other Graco swings do not have is a timer function. This capability is nice if you are running the glider on batteries and only want your baby soothed to sleep, but not rocked longer than that. 

Running your Glider on batteries can really suck your funds dry if you aren’t careful. A lot of people who don’t have the timer function can forget to turn the swing off completely and it could just run the batteries dry in a few hours. A timer is invaluable to all the parents who have so much on their plate that they frequently forget to turn off the swing. 

Glider vs. Swing

The question on most people’s minds when they are researching gliders and swings is “What is the difference between a glider and a swing?” The difference is subtle, but important. 


A swing will move from side to side or backwards and forwards from one anchor point at the top. This will mean that it slightly angles up and back. Though it is very slight and very safe for a baby to be in a swing, a glider’s movements are much more subtle. The seat stays at the same angle the entire time while a mechanism moves it forward and back flatly. This mimics the movements of a nursery glider more than a rocking chair kind of movement. 

It might not be a huge difference, but to a baby who is used to a glider, it might be much more comforting to experience a movement that they are accustomed to. It also might be a more comforting movement for a baby who is colichy or has acid reflux, since it jostles less. 


A big key difference between a glider and a swing is that many swings will have a clicking noise. This is just how the anchor at the top works to switch the swings directions. Many brands have the same problem. The glider, however, has shown to be much quieter even on the highest setting. 

There have been some people that have complained about a clicking noise that developed after a few months of use, but this typically will go away with some WD40. 

Graco Glider LX vs. Graco Glider Lite LX

After a bit of research, you may have come across the Graco Glider Lite LX and wondered what is the difference? There are only a few, but they may be worth considering. 

Of course the price is one of those differences. The Graco Glider Lite can be considerably less expensive, depending on where you are shopping for your gliders. But it does have some different features. 


The Graco Glider Lite is made to be a portable glider, which could be a big selling point for many buyers, especially ones who like to be on the go and bring their baby gear with them.

As aforementioned, the Graco Glider LX is not a portable device, but it is very light and very easy to move around your own home. So if you are not actually putting the glider in the trunk of your car, portability should not be the point that sells you between these two models. 


The Graco Glider Lite LX is collapsable and therefore it is a bit less sturdy. Though it is nearly impossible to see the glider collapsing in use, and it isn’t a safety concern, the Glider LX seems like it could just last a longer amount of time because of the amount of materials used for it. 

Maximum Weight

The Graco Glider Lite maxes out on weight at 25 pounds where the Graco Glider LX can move up to 30. This may not seem like a lot, but take this into consideration; according to Enfamil, “At 1 year of age, the typical child weighs about 3 times her birth weight. However, between ages 1-2 a toddler will gain only about 5 pounds.” 

This means that if a baby weighs 8 pounds at birth, by his or her first birthday he or she will be about 24 pounds, which is very close to the maximum weight for the Graco Glider Lite. And if what Enfamil says is true, and that baby only gains 5 more pounds over the next year, then that is a whole year that the Graco Glider LX covers while the Graco Glider Lite will be out of commission. 

So, although the Graco Glider LX might be a bit more expensive, it will double your investment, since your baby will be able to use it for double the amount of time as the lite version. 


Another feature that the Graco Glider LX has that the Glider Lite does not is vibration capabilities. Your child may be just as happy with just a glider that doesn’t vibrate, but the vibration feature is pretty handy. So many babies fall asleep when they go on car rides because of the vibrations, so it might be worth it to you to have this feature. 

Common Complaints

There are surprisingly few complaints about the Graco Glider LX. One great sign to look for when you are reading consumer reviews online is if there are a lot of comments wondering where they can get replacement parts or seat covers because they got the glider used. This means that this has gone through at least one family which could be even more than one baby and is still good enough to pass on to someone else. That is a good quality product that you are reading about. 

That being said, there were a few complaints and they are worth mentioning.

Poor Instructions

The Glider LX isn’t particularly difficult to put together, but the instructions can be a bit difficult to follow. There are many instances where it will say to look at the attached picture, but the picture can be confusing. The glider does have many different pieces and they do come out at different angles, so it’s not as straightforward as some baby items that you can put together. 

However, most of the pieces really have only one space that they fit correctly in, so it is pretty difficult to put it together wrong. It can just be a bit confusing and frustrating to put the glider together, though you will not end up with a device put together incorrectly that could have safety concerns. Also, it’s just not a whole lot of fun to put baby gear together when you are a sleep deprived parent, so anything that you have to put together might have bad reviews. 

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Screws Coming Loose

The user manual does state that you should check all the screws frequently (meaning once or twice a month) when you are using it. This is pretty typical since the glider does move quite a bit and it is a product that the consumer has to put together themselves. The manufacturer has no idea how tightly the user tightened the screws or if everything is put together soundly, so this sentence in the manual serves as a good reminder to make sure everything is still working smoothly. 


There is one common complaint that has been mentioned for all of the Graco swinging products, and that is that the straps on the harness are uncomfortable. The straps are uncovered and they can chafe sensitive baby skin. 

There are ways around this like covering it with a washcloth, having your baby wear pants, or cutting the toe off a sock to put it over the straps. There are remedies, but it would be nice if they just came with a fabric covering that wouldn’t cause problems. 


The Graco Glider LX is a really great quality product that has made many users very happy. It has all the benefits of a swing and it eliminates the biggest complaint that people had with the baby swings on the market currently of being too noisy.