Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat With Tray

As a mom, the thing I value the most is an extra set of helping hands, but when I can’t get an extra pair of hands, the next best thing is having something that can entertain my babies so I can have my own hands free. There are a lot of products out there that can entertain babies of all ages, but one of my favorites for babies old enough to hold their heads up is a sit up seat like the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat with Tray.  

Learning Activities

You don’t have to pull out the flashcards for your baby to be learning. Every experience is a new one and they are constantly learning through trial and error. However, they learn the best through play and observation. The Sit Me Up Floor Seat with Tray offers a lot of different activities that will help your baby develop many skills that he or she will need as he or she grows. 

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Most of the Sit Me Up Floor Seats have toys connected with them, though the On-The-Go versions do not. These toys range from rattles to teething toys, so your baby can develop their tactile senses while moving them around their hands and in their mouth. 

One of my favorite features of the toys is that they are attached right at the front of the chair or the are built into a toy bar that you can insert and remove from the tray. Almost all babies love to play the “drop it” game where they drop all their toys and cry or reach for them until you pick them up. These toys are conveniently attached on the front of the seat so that your baby can drop it and pick it up on their own. 

Squeaky Toy

Another nice feature for the babies is a squeaky toy that they can activate at their feet. They can stomp on it to make it squeak, which helps them develop their gross motor skills and learn about the world around them. 

It is important for babies to learn cause and effect. When they tap the mat, it squeaks. So they are learning that their actions lead to reactions. In fact, because the squeaky toy is under the child’s foot, where it is out of sight, the baby will learn spatial awareness. Many babies naturally have the logic that if they cannot see it, it isn’t there, but moving their foot and squeaking the toy while it is out of sight reinforces the idea that there are real things that are out of sight. 

Snack Time

Developing fine motor skills is a very important thing for babies to learn. The earlier they develop these skills, the more independent they can become. One motivating way to teach babies fine motor skills is through food. Giving them little snacks like puffs or very small pieces of fruit or vegetables will encourage them to pick up the pieces with their fingers and put them in their mouth. It is nice to have a seat that you can move around easier than a high chair and that is another good option for having snacks. 

Who Should Use It?

Most nursery products have a specific weight that they can handle, however when you are wondering if your baby is at the ideal age for this product, it really comes down to your baby’s skills. If your baby can hold his or her head up, this product is something that he or she is ready to try. However, if your baby is starting to be on the move and can attempt to climb out of the seat, then this seat is not safe for your baby anymore. This age range is typically from 4 months to 9 months–though every baby is very different.

The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat does not have a harness, so it is important to stop using it as your baby learns to climb. The seat is deep and it sits right on the ground, so it is very safe even without a harness. It also has a wide base that will make it almost impossible to tip over. Even babies who have learned to climb would have a difficult time getting out of it. 


One nice thing about the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat is that there are 10 options to choose from. You have the option to choose a design that will fit your playroom or nursery the best. Or you could choose what you consider to be the most interesting toys, since each option has toys that are completely unique to that model. 

Tray Vs. Toy Tray

There is a tray option and a toy tray option for the Sit Me Up Seat. The difference is subtle but might be important enough to help you make a decision about which model you are most interested in. The tray has attached toys that your baby can play with at all times, unless you detach them. The toy tray option is a toy unit that inserts into the tray. So you have the option of having toys or the tray, but not at the same time for this model. 

So what is the big difference? It might be convenient to have toys and snacks going on at the same time if you want to have your hands free for a while. Babies will sometimes move between activities quickly, so having snacks and toys at the same time might keep them entertained for longer–meaning you have a longer amount of time that you can get things done around the house. The toy tray with the toy insert will allow you to only have toys or snacks, but not both. This will keep your toys cleaner, since baby won’t have food and slobber all over their hands. 

Whatever option you find to suit your needs best, you can buy. 

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There are a lot of activity centers, swings, and bouncers that are on the market, but the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat with a Tray is one of the more convenient and portable options. With the pull of a lever, you can collapse the entire seat and take it to any room in the home. You can easily take it with you in the car for vacation or store it in a contained space. 

The whole seat is very lightweight and you can carry it collapsed or fully open. Just remember not to move the seat while your baby is in it. It has a wide base that can be awkward to carry while extended, and should not be used as a carrier for even short distances. 

For On The Go

Although the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat is easily portable, there is a different option for on the go, it is called the Fisher Price On-The-Go Sit Me Up Seat. This seat has a few key differences that make it better for outings with your baby. 

No Toys 

The On-The-Go Sit Me Up Seat is not equipped with a toy bar like the original model is. This makes it easier to keep it clean since toys might get dirty going places like the beach. 


This option also comes with a canopy. You don’t have to spend your time searching for shade at a park or the beach when you take this with you. You can protect your baby’s skin from the sun and his or her body from the glaring heat with the canopy. 

Mesh Seat

The seat for the On-The-Go model is made out of mesh, which makes a perfect companion to go to the beach with. The mesh will keep your baby nice and cool while also being a comfortable option.

It is also a great beach seat because the sand will fall out of the mesh fabric easily, and there will be limited cleaning necessary. 


Speaking of cleaning, after safety, every parent wants to know how easy a baby product is to clean. Babies are among the messiest creatures on the planet, or so it seems, so it’s important to remember to clean all baby products regularly.

Luckily, the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat is very easy to clean. You can easily remove the seat insert and machine wash it. However, you should not dry it in the dryer. That can make it shrink and cause it to be impossible, or at least difficult, to put back on the baby seat. Instead, line dry it for about a day. 

You can clean the rest of the seat with a multipurpose cleaner. You should especially make sure that you clean the toys and the tray regularly with a safe cleanser, like a mixture of soap and water, since your baby will put their mouth or food on it frequently. 

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The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat with Tray is a great nursery product that will surely entertain your baby for long amounts of time. It will also help your baby to learn the necessary skills through play. It is convenient for parents and enjoyable for babies.