Is The Fisher Price Jumperoo The Best Jumper?

Have you ever heard of the term proprietary eponyms? It is when you call something by a brand name when it is actually not the term which it is called. Like when you call a tissue a Kleenex, even though Kleenex is a brand name. Or when you call a bandage a Band-Aid. I personally do this with baby gear all the time. When I think of a baby jumper, I immediately think of the Fisher Price Jumperoo

This is usually because it is the most popular or perhaps the first of its kind. Whatever the reason, it is a huge compliment and a huge marketing plus for that company that people associate this product with that brand name. 

Here are the reasons I think that the Fisher Price Jumperoo sticks out above the rest to the point where you forget that you are talking about a product and not the actual brand. 

Great Bounce

There are a couple jumpers out there that have varying degrees of bouncing. For example, the Skip Hop Explore and More doesn’t have the most amazing bounce, but that is mostly because it is a bit of a hybrid between a jumper and an activity table. The doorway jumpers like the Jolly Jumper I reviewed here, has more than just a bounce, your baby can actually move slightly side to side, though safely. 

The Fisher Price Jumperoo has a great stable bounce. It isn’t in a doorway harness, so there is no sideway movement, but your baby can get some serious momentum in their bounce. This makes the activity so much more fun. Babies love to bounce regardless if their jumper aids them or not, but the jumping is even more rewarding when they have a good spring action that helps them with the up and down. 

My own baby loved this Jumperoo so much that he would cry when I took him out of it. He would literally jump until he started to nod off, startle himself awake, and then start jumping again. And he used it every day. It did not get old at all for him. 

Intriguing Toys

Speaking of things not getting old, the Fisher Price Jumperoo has some really interesting toys for your baby to play with. Fisher Price has a few different models of Jumperoos, which have different designs and toys, though the function and placement of the toys remains pretty consistent across the board. 

There is typically some of these kinds of toys: 

  • Hanging toys that your baby can reach for 
  • Rattles
  • Peekaboo toys that your baby will need to pull out
  • Crinkle toys
  • Chewing toys
  • Toys they can bat at 
  • Toys they can rotate and view different colors

There are currently six different models of Fisher Price Jumperoo with different themes and varying price points. They seem virtually the same other than the theme, and some of the toys are slightly different. 

The Themes are: 

The Rainforest Jumperoo seems to be the most popular model and it is also the highest priced, but not by much. Again, the toys are very similar to each other and they have the same functionality. I will admit that the Rainforest model was the one that we had as well. 


So when I say that the Fisher Price Jumperoo is portable, I mean that it folds down. It is by no means easy to transport. It does not collapse down very small and it is rather heavy in comparison to the Summer Pop and Jump I reviewed here. And it isn’t easy to put up and take down like the Jolly Jumper I reviewed here.  

It folds in to be about half of the width that it normally is, so you could fit it into a slightly smaller space for storage. It still wouldn’t be very convenient to fold down and take to Grandma’s house. And it doesn’t have a handle and isn’t a great shape for carrying around. It is still pretty awkward for moving around. So if you are looking for a jumper where portability is one of it’s selling points, this is not really the one for you. 


Although the Fisher Price Jumperoo is not very impressive in its portability, it makes up for it in durability. You can feel secure that your baby is very safe in this contraption. It is made of high quality plastic and metal and not the brittle or flimsy stuff. It Doesn’t bend and will not easily break.

The packaging that it comes in keeps it safe and secure unlike the Baby Trend Walker I reviewed here. You will be sure that your product will arrive to you without any damage done to it. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, which is always a plus, in my book. 

Swivel Chair

When you have a jumper that has toys around the whole circle of it, a swivel chair is a must, and the Fisher Price Jumperoo does not disappoint. The chair is a 360 degree turning chair and it gives your baby freedom to look at whatever things they want to. 

And what is more important is that the chair is easy to swivel. Sometimes in baby products, in the hope of making things overly safe, they forget that babies don’t have the strength to perform some activities. The Jumperoo has a chair that is effortless for your baby to move and will never be a source of frustration for your child. 

Spring Covers

Most jumpers will either have covered springs or the springs will be so high out of reach of your baby that there is literally no danger of your baby getting his or her fingers pinched. The Fisher Price Jumperoo has springs that are very difficult for your baby to reach, but they are still covered, just in case. 

In fact, I personally appreciate the spring covers for my own safety. I am just as likely if not more to get my fingers pinched in those things, and no one wants that. 

These little extra safety features eliminate any chance of buyers remorse. 

Easy Cleaning

The Fisher Price Jumperoo is very easy to clean. You can remove the seat pad and machine wash it, which is such a winner to me. I always, always, always check to make sure that any baby product I use is machine washable before I buy it. I had to learn this the hard way. 

You can also wipe the toys down with a damp rag for frequent cleanings and use a safe multi surface cleaner for less frequent cleanings. There are some cracks and crevices that come with any baby product that has several different kinds of toys attached to it, but they can be washed fairly easily. 

Another great thing about the Jumperoo is that it doesn’t come with a tray so you won’t be tempted to give your baby snacks in it. That will do wonders to keep it clean. There will be no mushed up Cheerios stuck to the sides of the toys. Babies really shouldn’t be eating while jumping anyway, so don’t even think about it! Actually, it really doesn’t matter how old you are, you probably should never eat while jumping. 

Your baby will likely still have blow outs and spit ups, so the machine washable seat is still a lifesaver. 


The Fisher Price Jumperoo is adjustable to three different heights so your baby can take advantage of this baby product for as long as possible. It is made for babies who can hold their heads up independently, which is around 4 months. And it can be used until your baby learns to walk, which is usually around a year old. 

If you are wondering when your baby is old enough to use the Jumperoo, watch the video below: 

Your baby will grow quite a bit in that 8 month period, so the adjustments are something that you will really appreciate as time goes by and your baby is entertained for hours on end. If your baby can hold his or her head up but the lowest setting is still too high for him or her, you can place a large book or some folded up blankets under your baby’s feet to prop him or her up.


The Fisher Price Jumperoo comes with some different sound settings that you can adjust depending on your sanity level that day. Your baby will absolutely love every single one of the settings. And you will love that your baby loves to jump all their energy out and will be willing to put up with almost anything that encourages your baby to have a blast in the Jumperoo. 

The music is bounce activated, so it encourages your baby to jump and it also teaches your baby about cause and effect. This is actually a very important skill that your child is developing at this point in their life and it helps them learn about consequences. 

Is The Jumperoo Educational?

There are a lot of baby products out there. Some are great quality and some are passable. The Fisher Price Jumperoo is one of my favorite baby products because the amount of learning and development that your baby gains in spending time in it. 


First of all, the Jumperoo is fun. When your child is a baby and toddler, they learn through play. So if your baby is happy and having a good time, then they are likely learning. If they are laying there lethargic and bored, they are probably not learning anything. Most babies love the Jumperoo, so this is a good sign. 

Gross Motor Skills

Your baby will primarily learn some gross motor skills while in the Jumperoo. They will learn how to use their trunk muscles to swivel the chair around. They will learn to balance on their toes. Your baby will also learn how to use their leg muscles to bounce up and down. These are all necessary movements that your baby will need to learn to develop normally. 

Sensory Skills

Your baby will also learn sensory skills through playing with the various toys on the rim of the Jumperoo. There are so many colors, textures, and sounds to experience with the Jumperoo. Your baby can feel different textures in their mouth and in their hands. They can see different colors. They can hear different sounds as they play with the toys and also as they bounce up and down and activate the music on the Jumperoo.  

With all that the Jumperoo has to offer, it would be surprising if your baby didn’t have a blast in it. But if they are perhaps a little nervous to try it out at first, approach the toys with your baby to the side without putting your baby in the seat. If they are interested in the toys, then attempt putting them into the seat and enjoy watching them realize that they can bounce it all on their own!


Ultimately, the Fisher Price Jumperoo is a household name. It has been tried and tested for years with tons of happy customers. If you want to have a safe bet of a great quality product, this is the one for you. It has all the features that you need in a jumper. It has fun toys, a swivel chair, music, is easy to clean. If there was one improvement it could make, it would be to make it a bit more portable, but I think that would make it less durable, so it’s a toss up. If you want to have a jumper that is a family staple in your life and that your baby will love to use every single day, perhaps multiple times a day, this is the product for you.