Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat Review

I’ll admit, I get excited about a lot of baby gear, but when I did my research on the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, I was on a whole other level of excitement. This booster seat literally has every single thing I could ever want in a booster–which is saying a lot. It’s easy to clean, portable, safe, and has quite a few other features that I find very convenient for any caregiver. Here are some of my favorite things about the Healthy Care Booster. 

Ease Of Cleaning

High chairs can be cute, but they are a royal pain to clean. And you need to clean them constantly, so this isn’t a small issue. Boosters, on the other hand, have a special place in my heart if only for the fact that they are much easier to clean. For some reason manufacturers of high chairs focus on having a comfortable upholstered seat, where boosters typically stick to just plastic. 

When boosters are smooth plastic with no deep crevices like the design for the Healthy Care booster seat, it makes it incredibly easy to clean. You simply wipe down the seat after every use just as you would wipe down your dining room table after each use. You can also use a multi surface cleaner occasionally, though you do need to be careful about what cleaning products to use around your baby. 

The tray is the easiest part of all to clean. It is fully dishwasher safe, which could make you want to cry from happiness. One of the most frustrating things to clean is your baby’s tray after a particularly messy meal. It’s nice that you have the option to rinse it off and sanitize it in the dishwasher without much effort on your part at all. 


Of all the boosters on the market that I have looked at, the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster is among the easiest to bring along with you when you are on the go. Here are some of the most convenient features that it has to offer. 


The Healthy Care Booster is fully collapsable, which you rarely if ever see on the market for a booster. Most boosters are pretty compact already, so manufacturers probably don’t see a huge need to collapse them down more than they are. However, they are still bulky and difficult to maneuver. 

The Healthy Care Booster was featured in this review video below. You can see how it can collapse easily for portability.

Having a booster seat that is collapsable means that it is not a pain to take to friends houses when you are invited for dinner. You don’t have to worry about where to put your baby for a picnic. And best of all, going to restaurants is now easier than ever. You can bring this booster along with you because you can easily carry it and it will attach to literally any chair that has a back. 

Snap On Lid

Another feature that makes the Healthy Care Booster ideal for traveling or days out is the snap on lid. As mentioned above, the tray is easy peasy to clean in the dishwasher and the snap on lid will ensure that it stays clean and sanitized while in transport. You don’t have to worry about getting it dirty as it leans against the wheels of your muddy stroller in your trunk. The part that your baby touches the most stays clean as a whistle. 


Can this product even really be called portable if it doesn’t have a strap? The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster has a long strap that you can easily use to carry the lightweight design. 

This chair, when collapsed, is roughly the size of a standard diaper bag and weighs about two pounds. 

Fits any table

If you have tried any other booster in the past, you may have run into the problem where your baby doesn’t quite match up with the height of the table that you use to eat at. It’s not a huge deal when your baby has the tray in front of him or her, but when your child is old enough to eat at the table, you want the height to work. 

Fisher Price had the customer in mind for this one and made this booster adjustable with three different heights so you are sure to find one that fits well with the table and your baby’s height. 


The Healhy Care Booster comes with the standard three point harness which is typical of most boosted and high chairs. Although some concerned parents worry that the three point harness is not enough and it should be a five point harness, this is not necessary for two main reasons: 

First, your baby should be old enough to hold his or her head up before you start to use the booster seat. This means that your baby should have the necessary trunk muscles to keep him or her from slumping over. 

Second, you might assume that the baby will try to climb out of the booster from time to time as he or she gets a bit older. Many babies do attempt to do this, but the three point harness, as long as it is tightened correctly and the tray is on the seat, will make your baby stay put. The tray will not allow your baby to fold his or her knees up, which is necessary to escape the seat. 


You might assume that a tray would be nothing to write home about, but let me tell you, I would write home all day about this tray. 

3 Separate Trays

The Healthy Care Booster comes with three separate tray parts that each have a specific purpose. 

Base Tray

The base tray is the one that locks in and is the most sturdy. You could potentially just use this tray for eating or for playtime when your baby is just having some sitting up time to change things up. This base tray clicks into the booster and has a wide area with deep sides, which is perfect for play time as well as eating. 

Middle Tray

There is a second tray insert that can be inserted into the base tray. This one is mostly for eating meals and snacks. It has a cupholder that will keep sippys from tipping over constantly. This one is also dishwasher safe and can easily fit into the dishwasher while still having a base tray to use if you need one. 

Cover Tray

The last tray piece is the cover. This is meant to keep the tray nice and clean when you are on the go. You may not need this all the time, but for the times that you do go out with your booster, it is very convenient to have. 

Grow As You Go

The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster is a grow-as-you-go type of booster. It has several features that make it a perfect booster that takes your baby from about 5 months until they do not need a booster at the table anymore. 

Three Settings

The Healthy Care Booster has three height settings that you can adjust with a button and some pressure. So why would you need to have three height adjustments? Because every table is a different height and each chair is also a different height. It is impossible to know what setting would work for each table. 

Of course, at home you could get away without this setting by placing a towel or some other object underneath it to boost it up. However, when you are on the go, you won’t want to bring an extra boost object just in case you might need it. 

When your baby has the tray hooked up to his or her own booster, the adjustment won’t make a lot of a difference. But when your child is old enough to eat at the table and use a plate, it is time to take the tray off for meal time. Kids love it when they don’t have to use the tray anymore because they feel more part of the family sitting at the table during mealtime. 

You will be able to adjust the settings based on the height of your child and the height of the table. 

Removable Back

When your baby is just learning to use his or her trunk muscles to sit up, it can be difficult to sit for long periods of time without a stable seat back. There is a high back on the Healthy Care Booster that will give your baby the support he or she needs as he or she is learning this new skill. 

Once your baby has the necessary muscles to hold him or herself up, you can remove this back, since it doesn’t do much to support the toddler anyway. Your child can lean against the back of the actual seat instead. 

Of course, you can always keep this part of the booster on if you want to, but taking it off and putting it in storage means that you have less area to clean and that it will be even more easy to bring along with you. 

Activities To Do With the Booster

The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat is so much more than a smaller high chair. You can have your baby doing a lot of activities in it. Many children appreciate a different point of view that the chair provides, so having activities for them while they are in the chair will make the chair a fun place to be. 


Though babies should probably not play with clay or play doh when they are too young, once your baby is a toddler, play doh in the booster is an amazing activity. The absolute worst thing about having your kid play with clay is that they make a mess all over your table. Then you have dried clay to scrape out of every crack and crevice. If you localize the mess to the tray, then you have a much easier time keeping your home clean. 

Snack Time

Of course, the booster is made for eating, but did you realize that snack time is actually a very important learning activity? One of the milestones that your child should be reaching is developing their fine motor skills. The pincer grasp is a complicated but very important skill to learn and your baby will be motivated to develop it if it knows it gets a yummy snack as the reward for picking it up. 

Flash Cards

Did you know, according to, you could start teaching your toddler to read starting at 7 months? Although their reading development is not going to be as quick as it would be for a preschooler, it will still gradually develop if you have regular 10 minute sessions of working on letters and words. 

You can teach your baby reading, letters, words, and shapes with flashcards and positive reinforcement. Just go through the cards a time or two a day where you repeat what the word or letter is. Your child will begin to understand these cards in no time. 

Signing Time

Communication is one of the most frustrating parts in the parent child relationship. There are so many feelings your baby wants to express but doesn’t know how. Little babies can learn how to communicate through sign language before they are even able to speak. According to, you can start teaching babies sign language soon after they are born. However, they will not be able to sign back until around 6 months.

When you do signing activities, whether it is you or a video, you will be more able to keep your baby’s attention if they are sitting at a seat looking directly at you. You can also give them positive reinforcement by giving them a snack each time they get something right. 


Overall, the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat is one of the very best boosters on the market. It has everything I want in a booster and then some things that I didn’t even know that I needed. This booster will save you money with the grow as you go feature and is easy to take with you everywhere with the collapsable function. You will never need another booster.