Detailed Review of BabyBjorn Bliss and Bouncer Soft

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss vs Balance SoftMy baby loves to be bounced or to be in a state of constant movement. That is was really soothes her well. As I’m writing this I am actually bouncing her in BabyBjorn bouncer! Before getting my bouncer her need to be constantly bounced or moving was very challenging for me. It was hard to adjust to life again because she had a high demand need. I tried putting her in a swing, wrapping her in my Solly baby wrap, bouncing her on a ball, holding her while bouncing, rocking her, bouncing her on the edge of my bed, etc. And all of those things worked really well to help soothe her, however, I could not always be holding her. My arms and back would get so tired! At some points it was exhausting. I just wanted a place to be able to put her down that would help soothe her and find a little bit of relief.

I was recommended to try a few other bouncers out there and none of those worked either. They would often come with a large battery pack that would vibrate and that would often startle her and I’d have to start the whole process of calming her down over. And those other and cheaper bouncers never seemed to provide consistent, rhythmic bouncing. My baby just did not like the other bouncers that we tried.

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So I went online to search for the best baby bouncer out there and what I was led to was the BabyBjorn bouncers. I was at first really hesitant to buy a BabyBjorn bouncer because of the price. $200-$250 just seemed like a lot of money to spend on a baby bouncer! But I was really curious and slightly desperate for some relief, so I took the plunge and ordered the bouncer and I am so glad that I did. And I wanted to write this review to explain why I love it so much, what I don’t like about it and how it has really helped my family.

BabyBjorn Bliss vs Standard Baby BouncerThe biggest difference between the BabyBjorn and other bouncers that I tried is the design and shape. Cheaper bouncers do not have an ergonomic design. On those bouncers the bouncer itself is supported by a frame where the supports are on the side of the bouncer or the back of the bouncer which does not provide a rhythmic bounce for a baby, it almost seemed like those bouncers were shifting all over the place instead of a nice bounce. And what I also noticed with the cheaper bouncers is that my baby’s own movement would not make the bouncer move at all. Someone would have to be constantly rocking the bouncer. It would be nice if there was a bouncer on the market that would be self-bouncing, however, I have not found anything like that on the market. What I like about the design of the BabyBjorn is that the pivot point of the bouncer is at the front by the baby’s feet. Because that pivot point is there it makes bouncing happen very naturally and easily. My baby slightly moving her arms will make the baby bouncer move and bounce. I barely have to touch the bouncer and it will bounce my baby.

BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft Baby HandsThis baby bouncer has also allowed my older children to be able to bond with the baby. They love to help bounce the baby and interact with her while she is in there. I always make sure that I am in the room though while my older children are bouncing. Even though they are older, the bouncer is so easy to bounce and I have found that they sometimes need supervising not to bounce too hard. The user manual says to not let older children bounce baby, however, I have found it not to be a problem as long as I am there to supervise. It really only takes the tiniest effort to bounce baby rhythmically. I’ve found that one toe or finger provides enough pressure for the perfect bounce. Because it doesn’t take much to make this bouncer move it is perfect for babies to be able to bounce themselves!

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One way that my husband has even been able to help with the baby is that he places the bouncer on the floor next to our bed and then he lays on the bed and bounces baby while he tries to squeeze in a wink of sleep. My baby usually prefers me to be the one to hold and bounce her and now that I have the BabyBjorn it has allowed all of my family to be involved in taking care of our new baby.

Another aspect that I really like about the BabyBjorn bouncer is that it has three different height settings, categorized by A, B, and C. A is the highest height, B is medium and C is the lowest. The bouncer also has the option to fold completely flat! That was one of the biggestBabyBjorn Bouncer Height Adjustment selling points for me because I can easily store this bouncer until I am done having children. It is so easy to fold flat and take places with me. I have taken this bouncer to grandparents’ houses, the park and to the beach while I let my older children play. And because there are no batteries it weighs next to nothing so it has been easy for me to transport. The C setting is recommended for newborn babies going up to 15 pounds, which is about four or five months depending of the growth of your baby. I expect my baby to be at that level until about five and a half months or so. Once my baby will be about 5 months old, she’ll be sitting up well and will most likely not like the reclined position that level C offers. Then the A and B levels are for children up to 29 pounds. That is well into toddlerhood. I like that this bouncer is designed to be able to used for a long time. That helps me to know that I will get my money’s worth out buying this bouncer.

I was initially concerned about spending $200 on this baby bouncer. My babies have liked to be bounced until they are about one year of age, so that was why $200 seemed like a lot of money for simply a baby bouncer. One of the things that I am really excited about though and BabyBjorn Bliss Colors and Fabricsprovides longevity for the bouncer is that it can turn into a toddler chair. To make the baby bouncer into a chair I simply pull the fabric off of the bouncer and flip it over and then it makes a fun toddler chair. I was glad to see that I could use this bouncer beyond infancy.

I like the safety and comfort of the bouncer. The bouncer has clips on the front where baby gets strapped in that resemble buttons instead of clips. I 100% prefer that over the clips. In the other bouncers that I tried they all had clips and I accidentally clipped my baby’s arm while getting her in. It broke my heart. I don’t have to worry about that with BabyBjorn. The buttons just slip into the hole and there is no risk of pinching baby. There are two different button holes to adjust as my baby gets bigger too.

Cleaning the BabyBjorn Bliss bouncer has been a breeze. I love the fabric of the bouncer. On the cheaper bouncers that I used the fabrics were always a fleece type of fabric which was meant to be soft etc, and it was when we initially bought it and then once my baby spit up on it and it got washed it turned into a matted fabric and it was no longer very soft. That fabric also BabyBjorn Bouncer Easy Cleaningholds stains. The fabric on the BabyBjorn is all cotton and is so easy to clean and has held no stains. I just undo the two elastic hooks that hold the fabric in place and slide it off the frame and then just as easily put the fabric back on. The other bouncers had a battery pack and a bunch of clips to unclip on the back and putting the cover back on the frame was quite the task. The BabyBjorn is so easy to maintain and take care of. The fabric is also snugglier than any other bouncer that I have tried. When my baby is resting in the bouncer she is cradled so nicely and I’m not worried about her head going flat like I am with some other bouncers and the swing.

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Overall, I wish that I had bought this bouncer with my first baby. It is so worth it! I still use my baby wrap, rocking chair, and others ways to help soothe my baby but when my arms and body need a rest the BabyBjorn is my go-to place to set my baby down and have a chance to rest, my family can help bounce baby and most importantly my baby loves it! And with the way that the bouncer stores flat I know that I can easily hold onto it until I’m done having children. Once I’m all done with it I know that I could either sell or pass it along to family or friends. It honestly feels like it could last forever when properly taken care of. It has the potential to be like an heirloom piece because of how well it is designed. The design is classy and simple and I know this will last my family a very long time.