Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Review

I have written several reviews about infant life jackets so far on this website. However, if you’re in the market for a life jacket it is suited for the next size up, namely 30 to 50-pound range, then a water wing chest inflatable life jacket is worth looking into. One of these options is the Chriffer Kids Swim Vest. you may have heard of puddle jumpers and many people refer to this specific kind of life jacket as a puddle jumper, however, this particular life jacket has a few key differences. Find out more about it by reading below.

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Chest Float

Many people are familiar with water wings. They have been around since most of us were children ourselves. However, the kid’s swim vest is a vast improvement on the traditional water wings design. 

What’s so great about having a chest float along with water wings is that your child feels more confident swimming in the water. The chest float keeps the trunk of your child’s body buoyant in the water along with its arms. Water wings by themselves without the chest float can make a child feel a little uneasy because their arms are floating while the heaviest part of their body feels as if it is sinking. 


Some people claim that the chest float causes their child to flip onto their back in the water and makes their child even more uneasy than strictly water wings. However, this is usually due to your child being too small for the life jacket. When children under 30 lb use the Chriffer Kids Swim Vest, they can sometimes be overcome by buoyancy, and find it hard to control. To avoid this, make sure that your child is 30 lb or more before they use this device. Or always have your child under close supervision while using the life jacket.

Shoulder straps

There are several companies that make swim vests that are similar to this Chriffer Kids Swim Vest. one of the things that make the Chriffer swim vest stick out from the crowd is that it has shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are meant to keep the life vest secured to your child’s body with minimal slippage. children with a small torso and small arms might not be as successful in a life vest without the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps ensure that the life vest is always at the right height on the child’s chest at all times.

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The Chriffer Kids Swim Vest is made out of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. These are the most ideal materials for life jackets because of their durability and resistance to staining. These materials can get wet frequently, lay out in the sun, and constantly rub against other surfaces without too much wear and tear.

Most life jackets are made out of polyester and nylon materials. although they are synthetic materials they are the best kinds of fabric for the job. This kind of fabric is great for children with sensitive skin and will not cause any irritation.

Age range

According to the Chriffer company, the kid’s swim vest is designed for children in the age range between 1 and 6 years old. it is for children who are between 30 and 50 lb which falls into this age range. 

The ability to wear this swim vest comfortably doesn’t really have to do with age as much as it has to do with weight. If your child does not weigh as much as 30 lb then an infant life vest might be something worth looking into. I have written several reviews for infant life vests on this website already I will list them below.

Safety buckle

One great thing about the shirt for kids swim vest is that it has a new kind of buckle that isn’t seen in very many other life jackets on the market today. This new buckle is safer than most because it has two different latches on it. You may have been in the position before where a safety buckle has slipped and come undone unexpectedly. This will never be a problem with the Chriffer kids swim vest because it has two separate latches you have to unhook both for it to unlatch.

Your child will also not be able to get out of the jacket on their own. Some children struggle with life jackets like the puddle jumper because they want to get out of it. This can pose a serious threat if parents aren’t paying attention at that moment. The Chriffer kids swim vest is much harder for a child to get off independently. This is because of the safety buckle and also the shoulder straps. Some children have been able to get similar life jackets off that don’t have the shoulder straps. They pull their arms out of the water wing portion, push the life jacket down around their ankles, and step out. This is impossible with this Chriffer kids swim vest because of the shoulder straps. 

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The Chriffer kids swim vest is a great option for children who are a little bit bigger than infant size. The size spectrum for this life jacket ranges from 1 year old to 6 years old. So, this life jacket is a great investment for all of your summer fun for years to come. 

Is also a great life jacket for a child who is trying to learn how to swim independently. It offers enough support in all the right areas of the body that your child needs support in. This life jacket encourages your child to be in the correct swimming position. It is important to always supervise your child while they are wearing this life jacket. This life jacket is very safe and it is nearly impossible for your child to get off by themselves. Still, parents should always be around to make sure children are swimming safely.