Upseat Vs. Bumbo

When it comes to baby floor seats, there are many options but the two most innovative ones that people talk about currently are the Bumbo and the Upseat. They are two infant seats that have the same goal: to help babies as they are learning to sit up on their own. However, they couldn’t be more different. So which one is best? 

There are many people with many different opinions about the seats, and I have mine as well. I will try to lay out for you the features as presented by the companies, so you can decide which …

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Upseat Baby Seat Review

I think most parents would agree that there are a few things they look for in every piece of baby gear. Price is probably important, but after that, the most important things are that it is a good quality product and that it is safe and healthy for your baby. Well, y’all are in luck because the Upseat baby seat ticks all of these boxes. 

What I love most about the Upseat is that it was designed for the wellbeing of your baby first and foremost. What parent doesn’t love that? Here are some of the great things about the …

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7 Reasons Why The Bumbo Is The Best

I often think it’s funny when people talk about teaching their baby to sit. It is one of those skills that you can encourage, but you can’t really teach. A baby is naturally going to learn to sit on his or her own. However, it is important to help your baby have good posture even when he or she is first learning how to sit. 

For this reason, and for some more that I talk about below, I have found the Bumbo seat with a tray to be a really useful baby product in my own home. Me and several …

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Bumbo Baby Seat Review

There are a few brands that people just recognize right off the bat because they are so well known. Bumbo happens to be one of those brands that everyone knows. Most people have seen a Bumbo seat and know what it is right off the bat because it is a design that is really unlike any other on the market. 

There are other activity center seats and boosters, but most look more similar to a booster chair or high chair. The Bumbo looks much more distinct. But it is not only because of the looks that people love the Bumbo. …

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Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat Review

There is a lot of awesome gear on the market made especially for babies. All of these products are for the purpose of making life for a parent easier, however, you cannot possibly buy all of them. Your home will become taken over by baby gear and you won’t be able to even move around in your house. This is why if there is a product that is marketed as a space saver or a 2-in-1 product, I am all ears. 

The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat is a product that does not disappoint. This seat is more than just …

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Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat With Tray

As a mom, the thing I value the most is an extra set of helping hands, but when I can’t get an extra pair of hands, the next best thing is having something that can entertain my babies so I can have my own hands free. There are a lot of products out there that can entertain babies of all ages, but one of my favorites for babies old enough to hold their heads up is a sit up seat like the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat with Tray.  

Learning Activities

You don’t have to pull out …

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Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat Review

I’ll admit, I get excited about a lot of baby gear, but when I did my research on the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, I was on a whole other level of excitement. This booster seat literally has every single thing I could ever want in a booster–which is saying a lot. It’s easy to clean, portable, safe, and has quite a few other features that I find very convenient for any caregiver. Here are some of my favorite things about the Healthy Care Booster. 

Ease Of Cleaning

High chairs can be cute, but they are a royal …

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