The Five Best Baby Pools

It can be difficult to find things to do with a baby on any normal given day. But when the sun is blazing hot, your options are even more limited. Enter kiddie pools. The absolute best way to pass the time with a young child during the summer heat is to have them spend all their energy splashing around safely in a pool that is just their size. Kiddie pools are a magical thing and you probably have your own memories of splashing around in one yourself. So what are the best baby pools on the market now? Here are

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Intex Snapset Pool Review

Have you been shopping around for a kiddie pool but been disappointed that there are so many options where you can’t also get in and splash around? Well, the Intex Snapset Pool remedies this and allows parents to be more than just a bystander and actually join in the fun! There is a reason why the Intex Snapset pools are highly rated online, and it is because they are easy, fun, and affordable. Here are some of the big details about this little pool. 

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First of all, the

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TURNMEON Baby Tent With Pool Review

Have you ever gone to the beach with your family, looking for a fun day with everyone, but baby just hated the waves and the sand? I was thrilled when I saw the TURNMEON Baby Beach Tent with Pool, because it makes lousy beach days a problem of the past. This product allows you to have a fun day at the beach with your family while also keeping your baby entertained and safe the whole time. There are other features that I love about it though, so read on!

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Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey Swimming Pool

Are you running out of ideas about how to entertain your baby in the hot summer months? It is a hard balance to keep when you are thinking about your child’s comfort and safety while the weather is sunny, but the Poolmaster Go Bananas Monkey swimming pool offers a fun and safe activity for your child. Here are some of the great features of this kiddie pool. 

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Padded Bottom

Has your child entered the stage where they constantly pull themselves to standing and then sit down

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Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool Review

As the summer months start to get closer, many new parents are wondering what fun things they can do with their baby. Options can be limited when your child is very young, but a baby pool like the Intex Sunset Glow baby pool is convenient, safe, and fun that your child can enjoy in your very own backyard. Here are the features I love about this baby pool. 

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If parents know one thing, it is that baby products can quickly completely take over your home. There

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Intex Mushroom Baby Pool Review

In the hot summer months, it can be hard to find a fun and safe activity for your baby to enjoy. Going to community pools can be nerve-wracking and going to a beach can be even worse. When your child is in that age where they have little to no inhibitions and they don’t understand the dangers around them, every situation around water can be a bit scary. But fortunately, the Intex Mushroom baby pool is a great option that parents can feel safe about. Here are some of my favorite features of the mushroom baby pool. 

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