Bluemello Swaddle Blanket Review

When it comes to swaddling blankets, I don’t think that there is any option more adorable than the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket. And that’s saying something because there are a lot of different swaddlers out there. But dang, this swaddler just looks like the most cozy, cute design ever to grace the swaddling world. 

But the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is more than just cute; it is functional also. Here are some of the features of the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket that I love and some areas for improvement. 

Things I love

There are so many things love about this swaddler beyond just its looks. 

Great Gift Option

First of all, this is a really awesome gift option for a baby shower. It is just unique enough that your host will remember your present and everyone will ooh and aah about how cute it is. This swaddler is also amazingly soft, so you know everyone will pass it around and do the feel test. 


It comes in a very cute box that is ready for gift giving. It makes it easy and pleasing to present to your new mom to be friends. 

Sensitive Skin

There are a lot of concerns that new parents have and skin sensitivity is kind of a big one. You don’t realize how many things you can touch and come into contact with throughout your day without noticing but can really do a number on your baby’s skin. 

This Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is made of 100% faux cashmere. I had no idea what this meant other than it wasn’t real cashmere. But according to SpinCity, a website about textile spinners, “Faux Cashmere is the most heavenly soft fibre. It is made from a new kind of nylon fibre and spins a little bit like silk. It drapes and machine washes well and has a very subtle shine…I love using faux cashmere in my blends and projects, and I love it even more that it is a vegan fibre – perfect for people with allergies to wool or who want to try something different.”


I have heard that many babies have allergies to wool, and so knitters and crocheters will turn toward alpaca to make a more hypoallergenic fiber, but the synthetic and soft faux cashmere sounds like a great option for parents and babies. It is meant to feel just like cashmere but without the skin allergies that come with it. 


One thing that is amazing about the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is that it has legs! I know, what is so great about legs in a swaddler? Well, let me tell you something, I have wanted a swaddler with legs for forever! It is something I actually curse the sky about sometimes when it would be really useful and I don’t have them. 


The main reason legs are great is because you can put your baby in a swing or a stroller or a bouncer and not have to take them out of their swaddler. They can be snug as a bug in their little swaddler and still use all their baby gear that they love so much and can’t live without. 


This is especially great for strollers because this blanket is so warm and fuzzy that you’ll be sure to want it along with you on a fall walk. I love, love, love the legs. 

If you want to check out how this swaddler works, then click on the video below:

The Hold

So here’s a bit of a love/ hate feature. You either love it or you hate it. The Bluemello Swaddle Blanket can hold your baby’s arms in, but your baby can break free from it a bit easier than he or she could with a standard swaddler. This is great for some babies who like to feel secure but not restrained. And this is terrible for some babies who want to be straightjacketed into their blanket. 


Either way, this option is great for going on walks or swinging in the swing. It may not be a very functional swaddle to use when you are at your wits end in the middle of the night because your baby keeps waking up, but it might be a great option for more casual naps and such during the day. 

Larger Blanket

I do like that the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is made to be a bit wider than other baby swaddlers. My problem in the past, and I mentioned this a bit in my review of the Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets you can read here, is that many swaddle blankets are made too small. My babies are not big babies by any stretch of the imagination, and they wear sizes about right on target for their age. However, the swaddlers are commonly too small. I don’t know if this is a manufacturing thing trying to use less fabric and be a bit cheaper or what, but it is frustrating. So I appreciate that it is a bit wider than most swaddler blankets. 

Things I Don’t Love

There is always at least one con, and Bluemello Swaddle Blanket did not get out unscathed. 

Not True to Size

That all being said above, the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is still not true to size! It says that it can take up to 6 month old babies. It also says that it is much taller than typical swaddlers, however that is a bit misleading because it doesn’t take into account that it has the hood on this swaddler when most other swaddlers do not. 


So though it may be much longer than other swaddlers on the market, it will still not take your baby to 6 months as it promises. In fact, it actually makes it more difficult to extend the use of the swaddler further because your baby’s head will be squished down by the hood. I know with some of my other swaddlers I used beyond the time that they fit my babies well and just had the swaddler a little lower on their arms. That would not be an option with this design. 


That all being said, most of the reviewers still loved this product, how soft it was and the amount of hold it provided for their baby. Many gave this product good reviews even though it did not fit their baby for very long. It still is a good product that you will be able to use for a few months and your baby will likely fall in love with how soft it is and love to take naps in it.  


Overall, the Bluemello Swaddle Blanket is a great swaddler that you can use for a small window of time. It is amazing for taking on the go since it has the leg holes, or just staying home and swinging in the swing. It is thick and plush and will be the absolute coziest swaddler that your baby will ever have. It’s worth it for the small window of time that your baby will be able to use it. And it still is a unique and thoughtful gift to give at baby showers.