Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

One of the hardest times after having a baby is the first 6 weeks postpartum. Of course, it’s really tough getting used to all the changes and hormone levels through the roof. It’s also hard to not get the sleep you need. But one thing that I always struggle with is getting used to my body post-baby. Without that firm baby bump, you’re left feeling very unfeminine and mushy. And now that you have your body to yourself (for the most part) you are probably eager to get back into shape. Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, don’t hesitate to start getting back to your healthy routine of working out with a new buddy and a new stroller like the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller. Here are some of the perks of this stroller. 

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As always, safety comes first. And when you are strapping your child in to go possibly 6 miles per hour or faster, you want to make sure that your child is secure in the stroller. This is especially important for strollers since you can’t always see very well into the seat to keep an eye on your baby. 

Travel System

There is one thing that I should note.  Babies under 6 months really shouldn’t use the typical seat in the jogger. There really just isn’t the correct amount of head and neck support for a very young child and your baby might be bouncing around, so this is important. You can use compatible baby trend baby carriers until your child is old enough to be in the seat. 


Once your child is about 6 months and using the main seat of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger stroller, you can use it to its full potential. The main seat reclines back so that your child can rest easy while your running soothes them to sleep. It is an ideal setup for you and for your baby. He gets a nap in and you get your daily exercise. 


One important thing to know when you are buying a baby stroller is how well it can fold down. You might want to use the stroller primarily from your home to other places, but if you want to take it on the go in your trunk, you have to make sure it will fit. This is really tough to do without having it in person, but the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller doesn’t fold down very compactly. This is true of any jogger stroller, so if you’re in the market for a jogger, I wouldn’t write this one off just yet. 

The wheels need to be much larger for a jogger stroller than a typical one because it offers better shocks for your child. This is important since you’ll be taking the terrain at higher speeds and it might not always be smooth sidewalks. The wheels can be removed but it is a bit of a pain to remove them and then reconnect them every time you want to take the stroller in and out of your trunk. 

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger also has pretty great trays, which the last stroller review of the Chicco Liteway Stroller lacked. While every parent loves an ample tray, they are another reason why you cannot fold the stroller down very well. You can remove these trays and that will allow you to fold it down much smaller than normal. 

Overall, however, this stroller is not the easiest stroller out there to fit into a tight space. For a jogger, it’s right on par, but if you don’t care if you get a jogger or a typical stroller, you might want to get a normal stroller for this very reason. 


While the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger might be a bit bulkier than some strollers, it is very easy to collapse down. It only takes a pull of a lever and the stroller will bend right in half, ready to store in your trunk or garage. 


Usually, when you take a jogging stroller around, you aren’t looking to carry a lot of extra weight, but it’s nice to have the option of lugging things around if you want to. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller has great storage space for a stroller, and it especially has great space for a jogging stroller. 

Cup Holders

This stroller has four, let me repeat that–FOUR cupholders. You could have a morning coffee and a water bottle for yourself plus a bottle and a snack cup for your baby without even having to look for creative ways to attach them. 

If manufacturers of baby products know anything, they know that pockets and cupholders are the way to a parent’s heart. Just look at the current minivans on the market. There are at least twice as many cupholders as there are seats in there. And I’m sure most families can attest that on long road trips, they all get used. 

So while four cupholders may seem excessive if you’re a first-time parent, you will soon learn to love and appreciate every one of them. 


There are two trays on the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger. There is one for the baby that can hold toys or snacks and one near the handles for the parent. 

One thing that I love about the parent tray is that it has a lid over it. So if you are toting your wallet or your keys, you don’t have to worry about them falling off when you hit a bump in the road. It also makes it that much more difficult for someone to swipe them as they’re passing by. 

Another thing I love about the trays is that the one in front of your child can disconnect on the side. It can easily swing open so that your child can climb in and out without needing your help. This is especially helpful when you are putting a tired or sleeping child in the jogger. You can lay them down while the tray is to the side and you won’t risk waking them up trying to finagle them around the tray. 


The undercarriage storage is large enough to easily fit a backpack or diaper bag. Even when the seat is reclined all the way back, you can access this area fairly easily. 

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Sun Shade

The sunshade is about a typical size, but it can adjust all the way back to the handlebars or all the way forward to the front tray. This is a convenient feature since the sun isn’t always in the perfect spot to be covered by the shade. In fact, since most people get their runs in either in the early morning or in the evening, it is more likely than not that the sun will be directly in your little one’s eyes at one point or another during your outing. 

Like the Chicco Liteway, there is a peekaboo window on the shade, which allows you to keep a watchful eye on your baby. This is particularly useful if you are using your morning walk as a sedative for your child. It’s always nice to be able to see when they finally nod off without jarring them away by peeking over the side. 

Front Wheels

One of my favorite features of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is that the front wheel is lockable or not. So if you want stability while you’re running (which, trust me, you do) then you can lock the front wheel. If you want to be able to move the stroller freely while walking, then you can unlock it. 

I had a jogging stroller and the worst thing about it was that the front wheel would not unlock. It was great for running, but if I ever wanted to just walk along the streets with it, I had to maneuver it like a lawnmower around turns. It is very tiring and inconvenient. So now this is a feature that I definitely look for in jogging strollers. 

It is important for you to lock the front wheel when moving fast because the stroller won’t so easily turn to one side or the other. This is critical when you don’t always have two hands on the handlebar.  

How Does Running Form Change?

If you were a runner before having children it might surprise you how a jogging stroller changes the way that you run. Though you might take your grocery cart to the cart return at a running speed and not think twice about it, running long distances that way might take some getting used to. 

Handle Bar

When you use a jogging stroller, you need to have your hands on the handles. Most jogging strollers, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger included, have handlebars rather than a handle on either side. These bars help you steer easily with one hand. When you are running, it is much easier to steer one-handed than when you are walking. 

Hands-On Experience

When you have to run holding onto something, it does change your gait. It can be difficult to run with one hand on the handlebar to steer because your trunk doesn’t rotate equally on each side. However, if you have both hands on the handles, it’s easy to lose your balance and fall forward or you don’t go as fast. Your arms pumping really encourage your legs to lengthen their stride. 

Though it might take some getting used to, it is not unhealthy to run with a stroller and you will improve over time. 

Tether Strap

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller comes with a tether strap that you can wrap around your wrist while on the go. Some parents like to use the tether strap when they are running on a fairly level surface because they have a little more freedom to move their arms. 

If you do like to let go of the stroller from time to time, remember to use the tether strap. It is so important that your stroller is under your control at all times because accidents can happen fast. 

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Ultimately, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is a great jogger. It is fairly lightweight and easy to fold down. The stroller is not very compact when folded, but if you have a larger car, then this won’t be a problem for you. It has great storage space and ample cup holders. The necessary safety features are all there and it is actually at a very affordable price. Jogging strollers can really be expensive, and this one is about the same price that you would get a regular one. You can even use it as a travel system if you have a baby trend car seat.