5 Best Baby Jumpers

Have you ever tried to buy any kind of baby product and been overwhelmed by all the options? Jumpers are no different. There are so many different designs and features that it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your baby. And the truth is, there are a lot of really great options out there. In fact, each and every one of the jumpers that I review on this site is something I feel confident recommending. 

The kind of jumper that works best for your baby and your family is completely dependent on your personal preferences. But whatever those preferences are, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs in this article. 


If you want to look a little more in depth at each individual jumper, feel free to visit any of my reviews at the links below: 


Fisher Price Jumperoo

Baby Einstein Jumper

Jolly Jumper

Skip Hop Explore and More

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

Ease of Cleaning

It won’t take you too long as a parent to realize that babies make a LOT of messes. Like way more messes than a person their size should make. You add one member to your family and your laundry triples. It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the way it is. 


So when you’re looking for any kind of baby product, especially one that your baby will be sitting in, you have to make sure that you can clean it easily. I mean jumpers are amazing. I sing their praises up and down about how much babies love them and how entertaining they are for babies of that age, but having a baby that is already prone to spitting up jump up and down endlessly is a recipe for some spit up messes. 


Long story short, you want to have a product that is easy to wash. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo has a seat that is completely machine washable. It can tumble dry on low.


This particular jumper can be a little more time intensive to clean the toys just because there are a lot of them. However, the method of cleaning is very simple. You can just use a damp cloth with warm water and a little bit of dish soap and wipe it thoroughly. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumper is very similar to the Fisher Price Jumperoo. This jumper seat can be machine washed and dried on low as well. 


The toys, again, on this jumper are also going to take a bit more time just because there are a lot of them, but they can also be washed with soapy water and a damp cloth. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper is one of the more simple jumpers to clean. The seat is machine washable and there are no toys to worry about. 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More is actually much easier to clean than the Baby Einstein Jumper or the Fisher Price Jumperoo, even though they have a similar design. This seat is machine washable, so that is similar. Where it differs is that you can unclip all the toys and take them to the sink and wash them there, which is just easier in my mind. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center is similar to the Jolly Jumper; It is very easy to clean. The entire cover can be machine washed and dried and that really only leaves the legs to clean occasionally as you need to. 


Convenience is what a majority of parents are looking for. Parenthood is a survival stage of life and any product that enters your home should serve a purpose and make your life easier. Jumpers, as I have mentioned several times on this site are some of the most useful baby products on the market. However, they are on the larger end of baby products out there. They take up not only a lot of floor space, but vertical space as well. So if they can be collapsed down, they will be even more exciting for parents. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo does have the capability to collapse down slightly. It can’t be folded down very tightly and it probably shrinks to about ⅓ of the size that it was. However, the vertical space is unchanged. 


With this collapsing, you can fit it into a slightly smaller space, but you definitely couldn’t shove it under a bed or in any common small storage spaces. You would probably be able to stuff it into a trunk if there was little or nothing else in the trunk at the same time. 


So although this is technically collapsable, I wouldn’t classify it as easily portable. It’s not something you would want to fold down between uses or take to a friend’s house or family member’s house for a dinner date. It simply makes it slightly easier to store long term. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumper is not portable or collapsable. If you want to make the footprint smaller, you must take it apart completely. However, the Baby Einstein jumper is really easy to set up and take down, so that isn’t too hard of a chore. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper is easily portable. There are two different Jolly Jumpers; one can clamp onto a doorframe, and the other has a stand that holds it up. 


Either one of these is portable. The fabric seat that holds your baby into place is meant to come on and off with your baby, so you actually do take it apart every time you use it. This might sound like a lot of work, but it is actually as easy as a diaper change. 


And the end result leaves you with a very small footprint that you can easily take with you anywhere. Though you can only use the Jolly Jumper with the clamp in places with a doorframe, you can take the Jolly Jumper with a stand anywhere, even outside! 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More has a lot of different functions and serves as a three in one baby product, but it is not portable. You can take it apart, like you can take apart the Baby Einstein Jumper, though it is not as easy to put up and take down as that one is. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center was made with portability in mind! If you are a family that is on the go all the time and you want a jumper that you can take with you, this is definitely the one for you. 


This Jumper is lightweight, it’s not even a pound! You can take this portable jumper literally anywhere with you. It weighs about as much as a small pack of wipes and comes with a bag with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. 


There is also a small sheet that connects to the bottom, so your baby’s tiny toes will be protected from any dirt or sharp rocks or sticks. 


The Summer Pop ‘n Jump also comes with a UV protection shield from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about finding shade everywhere you go.. It is an amazing baby product to take with you: 

  • Camping
  • To siblings sports games
  • To the beach
  • On picnics
  • In the backyard 
  • And even in your own home

This jumper is the perfect portable option. If you want to read a little more about the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center, then read my review of it here

Ease of Set Up

Have you ever stayed up past midnight on a Christmas Eve putting together a baby toy? I have, and let me tell you, the language that goes on in the confines of my own mind is not pretty. 


Baby products CAN be a real pain to set up. Luckily this list is actually not too bad. I’ll let you in on the know-how of setting up the jumpers. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo is actually very easy to set up! All the pieces are durable and don’t need to be shoved in place super hard. Every piece fits as it should and it doesn’t take more than about 15 minutes from start to finish. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein jumper is similar to the Fisher Price Jumperoo. They are both very good quality products that are easy to put together. Of All the items on this list, these ones look like the most involved, but they are actually surprisingly easy to get set up. 


You can see how fast you can set this up in the video below: 


Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper is exactly like putting a diaper on your baby. Of course you’ll need to set up the stand first, but you just wrap the seat around them and secure it in place and then attach it to the stand. 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More is one of the more involved jumpers that you’ll have to put together on this list. Though it really isn’t difficult either. This will probably take you about 15 minutes to put together as well. All the pieces fit perfectly together and the toys are easy to clip on and take off. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center is literally the easiest jumper to set up on this list. Imagine pulling out a camping chair and unfolding it. That is basically all it takes. If you can unfold a camping chair, you can set up the Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center. 


When it comes to any baby product that is like a station that your baby will actually sit in, the toys are a huge part of the selling point. The whole point of a jumper is so that your baby can get some good energy out and be entertained for as long as possible. 


The jumper can be enough entertainment and stimulation for many babies, and some parents don’t care to have toys at all. But if you are going to get a jumper with toys, then you want to make sure they are high quality stuff. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

There are a couple jumpers on this list that really do the toys right. Those are the Fisher Price Jumperoo, the Baby Einstein Jumper, and the Skip Hop Explore and More


The Fisher Price Jumperoo has several different models, 6 to be exact, and they all have different toys that go along with them. If you want a more detailed description of the toys that come on the Fisher Price Jumperoo, then read my review of them here


The six different themes are: 

All the toys are based on the theme, but they have similar toys in each one. Each one has a rattle toy that makes noise, dangling toys, turning toys, and toys that your baby can bat at. 


You can see the Rainforest Jumperoo, the most popular model, in this video below: 



The Fisher Price Jumperoo has motion activated music and sounds so that your baby will be encouraged to keep jumping. They will also learn cause and effect, which is an important developmental milestone at this age in his or her life now. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumpers are very similar to the Fisher Price Jumperoos. They are designed almost identically with a saucer and a swivel chair in the middle. The toys are really where the Baby Einstein Jumper stands out. The Jumperoo has good toys that are educational in their own way, but the Baby Einstein Jumper has educationally themed toys that encourage parents to interact with their babies. 


The Baby Einstein Jumpers have three different models, Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper, Neighborhood Symphony Jumper, and Journey of Discovery Jumper. You can find a detailed description of all of them in my review here! 


Each of these different models have different themes. 

Neptune’s Ocean Discovery 

Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper has an underwater theme and all of the toys reflect that. There are toys that have buttons, some that turn, mirrors, and lots that make noise. There are also flashcards that feature underwater creatures in three different languages; English, Spanish, and French. These flashcards and the sounds that also feature three different languages offer opportunities for you to interact with your child and practice different words. 

The Neighborhood Symphony

The Neighborhood Symphony Jumper is all music based. There are several musical instruments hanging and positioned all over the jumper. The sounds on this one also feature three different languages, play classical music, identifies different instruments in the different languages. You can demonstrate how each instrument can be played and your child can explore all the different sounds that they can make. 

The Journey of Discovery

The Journey of Discovery Jumper is all based on world travel. This is perfect for parents who enjoy travelling the world. It has a globe that your baby can spin and you can interact with your baby telling him or her all about the countries. There are flashcards here as well, which also encourages parents to interact with their babies. Again, there is the music and three different languages. 


Another great feature is that the Baby Einstein Jumpers have several of the characters who are featured in the Baby Einstein movies all over the jumper. Babies really fixate on these movies and characters, so this will be an exciting toy for them to play with. 


The toys in the Baby Einstein Jumpers are really top notch and something that would impress any parent who cares a lot about early learning. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper does not have any toys connected to it, since it is a free standing jumper. However, an extra purchase you can make is for the Jolly Jumper Musical Play Mat. This is a really fun mat that you can place under your child’s feet and it plays music as they jump. This will encourage your baby to really get moving and will be fun for them to learn about cause and effect. 


If you want to learn a little bit more about other accessories you can buy to go with the Jolly Jumper, then read my review here!

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More has 5 clip on toys that come with their jumper. Each of these toys have different movements required to use them and different colors and textures. 


They are fun toys, but what I love most about them is that they are clip on. I love that as a parent, you have the option to put on as many or as few toys on the side of the jumper that you want. It is nice to have that option in case one of the toys proves to be problematic or if your child is feeling overstimulated then you can remove some or all of them. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center has a few toys on the edge of the jumper. They have a ring toy, a rattle, and a soft crinkle book. These toys will be interesting enough to entertain your baby especially when they are outside. 


Babies love to observe the world around them, and they will likely be fine in the jumper without any toys just jumping away and watching people. However, it is a nice option to have and they are all connected, so you don’t have to worry about any of them falling off as you take the jumper from place to place. 

Height Adjustments

One question many parents ask when they are looking to buy a jumper is how long will it fit their baby for? Many parents know that babies can use a jumper from about 5 months until they start walking, or about a year. However, they want to make sure that their baby will be able to fit the jumper for as long as possible. Here are how the height adjustments work on each of the jumpers. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

This jumper has three adjustable height positions. It should be enough of a height difference to take your child through 5 months to 12. If your child is too short for it when he or she is able to hold their head up unassisted, then you can put a book or blanket underneath your baby’s feet to prop them up. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumper is very exciting in my mind because it actually has 4 different adjustment settings, where most of these jumpers only have 3. So your baby may be able to fit this jumper for a longer amount of time, or at least fit it comfortably for longer. Or perhaps it just fits a wider range of baby sizes. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper is the most adjustable to different sizes. You can adjust it to the perfect height each time you put your baby in it. You can constantly make sure that your baby is at the right height with the pads of their feet barely on the floor. 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More has three settings for the platform below your baby’s feet. This is a different design than the others, as the others move the seat up and down. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center is not adjustable. 

Swivel Chair

One important thing when you have a baby jumper is how can your baby move in it? If your baby can move comfortably and reach the things they want to reach so that being in the jumper is a fun experience rather than a frustrating one, that is the mark of a good design. Here are how each of the jumpers move. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo has a swivel chair in the middle of a plastic saucer like shape. There are toys on all sides of it, so your baby does need to have  a swivel chair to view and access all the toys. The swivel is very easy to move, and it will not be a problem to twist in it even for the youngest babies who are big enough to use the Jumperoo. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumper is designed very similarly to the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It also has an easy to move swivel chair, which is also important because there are toys on all sides of this as well. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper is a free standing jumper that does not have toys and no swivel chair. However, your baby will be able to move their bodies back and forth and side to side. This jumper is a great tool for your baby to manipulate their body to try and go in different directions. 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More also has a swivel chair and is similar to the Fisher Price Jumperoo and Baby Einstein Jumper. This one is designed a little differently because there is a platform under your baby’s feet instead of adjusting the seat up and down. You can clip on the toys in any direction, and so the swivel chair is a necessary feature for this one as well. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

The Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center probably has the least mobility of all the jumpers. Your baby will only face one way, and this is because if you are using it outside, you want to be able to use the shade shield. It’s just easier to position the jumper if you know your baby will be facing one way and only one way. 


The chair does not swivel and your baby cannot go back and forth or side to side like in the Jolly Jumper. But, this is a convenient and portable option, and I’m honestly surprised how effective the design is. 

Grow With You Options

It isn’t necessary to have a product that will grow with your baby, but it sure is nice when it is possible! It is always pleasant to find that you will get more use out of a baby product than you originally thought because there are some features or options that your baby will be interested in for a longer time in their life. Here are some ways that your Jumper might last longer in your home. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo actually doesn’t have any grow with you options. It is a great jumper for the ages that your baby will be able to jump in it, which is about 5 months to 12 months, give or take depending on your baby’s abilities. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

The Baby Einstein Jumper has a small grow with you option. In each of its three themed jumpers, they have a detachable toy that makes noise and it a bit interactive. This toy is different in each one of the jumpers. 

The Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper has a Sea Turtle Activity Toy. 

The Neighborhood Symphony Jumper has a small drum set. 

The Journey of Discovery Jumper has a globe. 

Each of these toys feature music and words from three different languages. They also light up and will be entertaining and educational for children up to preschool age. 

Jolly Jumper

The Jolly Jumper has other accessories that you can buy to go with it, as I mentioned earlier in this post. One of these accessories is a canopy that you can put over the stand. This tent will be a fun little hide out for your child for far longer than he or she can jump in the jumper. 


This can also encourage older siblings to play and interact with their younger brother or sister. 

Skip Hop Explore and More

The Skip Hop Explore and More was made specifically to grow with your baby. In the first stage, your baby will use it as a jumper. 


In the next stage you can take the platform for you baby’s feet and put it over the hole where the swivel chair would go and turn it into a play time cruising table. Your child can play with the clip on toys still or any other toy they might want to play with on the table. 


In the third and final stage, it is a desk for an older child, from toddler to preschool age. They can use chalk on some variations of the Skip Hop Explore and More or just use it as a desk. Skip Hop also has some chairs that you can buy separately to go with the desk. 

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

This portable jumper does not have a grow with you option. 


Ultimately, I have never been more excited about such a line up in my reviews. There is not one jumper option that I don’t like. I can see them as being very useful for all different kinds of families and parenting styles. So, now it’s time for my round up. Each jumper was the best at something and this, in my honest opinion, is what each jumper excelled at. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

This jumper offered the best variety and exciting designs. 

Baby Einstein Jumper

This jumper was the most educational. 

Jolly Jumper

Most convenient and minimal design.

Skip Hop Explore and More

Best grow with you options.

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Activity Center

Best portable jumper. 


All the Jumpers are the best at different things. Whatever you and your family need or find most important will point you in the right direction for the jumper that suits you the best.